Is your behavior/presentation socially acceptable? (answer as many as you like)

As a result of being sz, do you find yourself presenting yourself in a way that is socially unacceptable?

Are you unkempt, is your appearance bizarre or atypical?

Does society find you off-putting?

Are you connected to society? Do you have friends and keep up with trends?

Do you maintain a certain reputation?

Do you live in the “real world” or do you escape into fantasy?

How about your personality? Do you have strange interests, say strange things or have strange ideas?

What is your relationship with mainstream society like?

And what is society’s reaction to you?


The older I get the more vanilla I appear. It has taken a lot of trial and error but here I am at 50 and I finally don’t call too much attention to myself. I do think I’m slightly unkempt more so than I’d like to admit but in my town that doesn’t really stand out that much lol. I’m also still working on putting a smile on my face more instead of just a blank face so I won’t appear grumpy or mean. Of course sometimes I am grumpy but never mean.


Interesting questions,
mmm it depends on what you consider unacceptable…

Yes I’m unkempt and atypical but I try to be not bizarre anymore. :slight_smile:

Sometimes they find me off-putting.

I don’t care about friends, trends and reputation…

I live in a mental world even when I’m in the ‘real world’.

Yes I have strange interests and ideas.

My relationship with mainstream society is complex: my rational part would like to help them, my emotive part would like to avoid and hurt them. I try to follow my rational part.

I had mixed reactions from society, some liked me, others insulted and avoided me.


Normally I present my self pretty plainly my alters sometimes dress more odd.

I’m more unkempt than anything. Also I wear medical masks cause of my allergies and asthma also they help my anxiety. I’d like some tattoos that may be considered bizarre though.

I think mainly because of my masks more than anything else. My alters probably put some people off though.

I am not completely out of touch I think… mainly I get all my news from the internet though. I only have one friend irl.

No not really.

I tend to escape a lot but I try to stay in the “real world”

My personality is all over the map because of my alters. But I have a hard time talking to people cause I’m scared most of the time unfortunately. Also i feel extremely scrutinized. And I unfortunately end up nervously rambling my concerns most people find me annoying I’m sure.

Not great. More cause of my gender and sexuality though. Though being paranoid all the time doesn’t help.

I think society is confused by me more than anything.


I always have in a certain way. I’ve always liked being unique and standing out from the crowd.

I haven’t been able to take care of myself lately. So I have matts in my hair and eye bags the colour of the midnight sky. On my good days I still stand out because I wear a lot of different alternative styles (goth some days, some days like a unicorn vomited all over me) so yeah I would look bizarre.

I have very few friends, and I don’t really go out much anymore. I have the internet though so I know somewhat about what’s going on. But whenever I go to the city to see my friends I feel very behind with slang, clothing, and music trends.

The only reputation I would have is being a psychotic ■■■■■, so yeah I guess I do live up to it :joy:

Nope the real world is not for me. I’m a maladaptive daydreamer (hours a day) and am constantly in my head.

Yeah always though. I’m an aquarius posterchild so I’m not suprised. I do have strange interests such as witchcraft and I eat up conspiracy theories (chemtrails, aliens, 9/11 False flag operation) as for strange ideas I guess LaVeyan Satanism isn’t everyone’s ideal topic for religious discussions.

I don’t follow or care about it. I’m much more comfortable being myself and doing my own thing.

Mixed reviews. I get I’m cute a lot. Sometimes people say I’m very articulate. I’ve also had strangers think I had full blown autism and my friend was my caretaker. It’s really hit or miss. It depends on how I’m doing.


I seem to be able to say g’day and even have chat with some people which was not always the case.

Longer periods of time or when I am stuck somewhere like s dinner I can go mute and hysterical and suffer.

My mum thinks it is noticeable that something is not normal about me.

I still do not think it is noticeable for shorter time periods.

Maybe I am wrong.

Sometimes I speak another language that I do not know n words come from my mouth that I do not know and sometimes it is just one word or many sentences.

I have laughed out loud and people in face but I do not laugh often.

I have also laughed when it was not appropriate for me to do so.

I have screamed in public and slapped myself in public amount other things when I am was psychotic.


Well I don’t drink so social stuff is awkward. Plus my little putting up with liars and bull shitters. But eh gotta climb outta my hobbit hole to survive just as long as people don’t “know”.i feel awkward and conversations shallow with others but I make it. What’s frustrating is going to concerts when I’m used to taking meds at a certain time.

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I live in fantasy, daydreaming. I am not connected to other human beings. I am weird.


Not sz but will answer . Not sure. I just present as I present.

Depends what’s meant by atypical or bizarre. Maybe. I look better sometimes than at other times.

Apparently have very poor social skills. So could be.

No friends. Not a trend follower.


In the real world albeit a restricted one.

Define ‘strange’.


Distant. Fairly negative.


I’m not sure I have such a different view from people. I’m atypical for sure which messes up my Life. I make friends a lot and lose them a lot. I know I live in reality but my brain isn’t there

People would have a hard time telling I’m mentally ill if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t work full time. I am able to stay quite normal and keep up with trends. You’d have to be with me a long time to figure out I’m really quite disabled in my head.


I don’t think so. Maybe in the past, but I do my best to not stick out too much.

I could shower more often, and brush my hair.

I have hair under my arms and on my legs, and most people seem to think that’s not suitable for a woman, so I’d have to say ‘yes’

I have friends, but I don’t do trends.


I sometimes fantasize a lot, but I like to think I stay in the real world.

Sometimes, it depends on my mood.

I don’t understand mainstream society. I don’t get the point of being mainstream, I don’t get why people do as they do, etc.

Most people see me as harmless. I tend to slip into the background and go unnoticed.


I may cling to my husband a bit in public when I am scared, and I hold my keys as though they are a weapon when I walk through the parking lot because I am scared that people will attack me. I am not sure if this is socially unacceptable, maybe just a little weird.

I am not usually unkempt in public. I am very particular about taking baths before I go out, so much so that I will not go out if I have not bathed. This may mean staying indoors despite needing things. As for bizarre or atypical appearance, well, I suppose you’d have to ask the locals. I wear cowboy boots but live in an area where this is decidedly atypical.

I don’t know. I don’t think so, but I can’t be sure.

No, I am not. I don’t have friends. I go to church sometimes, but not regularly. I will be meeting a lady from church for lunch this week, and I am very nervous about it. Maybe she will be a friend.

Maybe one of being unreliable. I am not very good at attending church regularly, and everyone knows it. It’s been that way for over seven years. That’s the only place where I interact with others outside of my family and doctors.

I mostly live in the real world nowadays, but sometimes it becomes fantasy in a bad way. It becomes too dark, too harsh, too insurmountable. I have to really focus on goals and try to keep my spirits up when this happens. I guess I spend a lot of time daydreaming too.

Probably. I spend a lot of time daydreaming in the hopes that it will keep my spirit up. I try to focus on my goals so that I don’t focus too much on the bad things that are happening right now, because right now, I’m falling apart and my life is a wreck. I try to remember that things will get better, so I invest a lot of time looking up all of the good things that I plan to have or do. I only say strange things in that I stick my foot in my mouth an inordinate amount of times. For anyone reading this, if you see me on here again, don’t be surprised when you see this happen! My strangest idea is that my hallucinations may be real.

I think I can fit in when I need to. I can blend.

I am not sure. On the one hand, I think I go unnoticed because nothing is ever said or done to make me think otherwise. On the other hand, I feel like I am stared at or that people are thinking bad things about me, so I just don’t know.


I can pass as being normal. 90% of the time I do allright in crowds etc. That 10% I do have some tells I suppose.

Present well. I’ve lived in the past with problems before the medication as you do when your moving towards psychosis.

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  1. No I can generally fit in decently in social settings.

  2. Usually not though I do dress very casually pretty much always, don’t wear makeup, and don’t always wear temp appropriate clothing (cold doesn’t bother me very much, it weirds people out I guess)

  3. Not at all

  4. Sort of? I do have friends. Do I keep up with trends? Not actively, usually I’ll just hear about them from my friends or siblings. I don’t really care about what is trending generally.

  5. I dunno. For a brief period of time in hs I wanted to be “cool” but found it really boring and stifling. Generally I just want to be seen as a nice person I think.

  6. I very much live in fantasy, I really only come out into the real world when necessary.

  7. yes

  8. It sort of just happens outside me, I don’t pay attention to it I’m focused on my own thing, I have no opinions on it

  9. Well to be blunt I’m a reasonably attractive young white woman so generally society loves me and treats me well based on these superficial traits, lucky me

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I’m schizoaffective. I don’t think so. I dress pretty normal most of the time. I do, however, make comments about not being able to handle certain subjects, though. So people have to change their topic sometimes and they probably think I’m weird.

I try to shower at least every other day. Sometimes I look like I obviously haven’t washed my hair in a week. Sometimes I stink, which I’m self conscience about, but sometimes I just don’t have the drive to take care of my appearance and hygiene. I do dress in very bright colors that don’t match, especially when I’m hypomanic.

I don’t think so.

Not really. I have casual friends, not really anyone I can confide in. I try to keep my style somewhat current.

I try to seem normal. It’s really hard to do sometimes.

Both. It depends on how my mental health is doing.

I have no idea.

I dont understand this question.

I think society thinks I’m pretty normal but weird at the same time.

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I am certainly an odd person. I have a facial deformity (massive birth mark) over half of face due to Sturge-weber. It is impossible for me to untangle the social effects of that from my MI, because of other peoples strong reaction to it.

( Mydiagnosis is MDD. Though i have had hallucinations before which were frequent and lasted about 3.5 yrs)

I certainly have problems knowing what to say to people. I get a lot of confused looks because of what i said.

I dont have any real friends. My appear, i thought, was ok. I shower, change clothes, brush hair and teeth. None of my clothes are stained, torn etc.

However, many homeless people have, lately, thought i was homeless too.

I can only guess it is the fit of my clothes, especially pants/jeans. I am in the middle of a diet. Many of my pants sag badly and have over sized t-shirts. I still wear the too big pants but must pull them up often.

Maybe that is why? I probably also need to trim my hair maybe? i dont know why they think that?

As for strange interest - I am obbcessed with plants. I always had several. I am currenty still toying with the idea of opening a plant shop or flower cart. I certainly have the stock fot it.

I think main stream society rejects me as a whole.

I think it starts with the birthmark. Yet the MI shows through when i talk. I kind of think them talking to me is confirmation, for them, that they were right to have doubts about me from the appearace of birthmark.

Many people judge the inside by the outside. Impossible to untangle it all.

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Im a hidden weird person. It means on a first glance i look usual. But in my thoughts …inside…im very weird.

Usualli i present myself like other people but then i get tired …i dont have the energy to keep being smilie and polite to people.

My appearace is normal. But sometimes i feel the desire to look extra crazy. It relaxes me. It depends what i take out of my closet to wear.

Society finds me off putting only if i give people the reason to. Mostly what i say.

I am connected to society. But only on surface. In my heart i dont care about society.

I do care about my reputation socially…thats staying away from people on some level. Not letting them know the real me. But still communicating to people.

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I’m with @Leaf. The older I get, the more normie I appear.


I guess I must be doing so. I don’t know what I am doing wrong though. I know that because of my anxiety towards crowds, I sometimes shake or act disgusted because I am anxious to be closed in with so many people. I think people notice this and it unnerves them. I also check behind me a lot and let people pass if they are going in the same direction as me. I get some odd looks because of this too.

I try to mostly look well groomed. Though sometimes I wear a hat out because I don’t feel like brushing my hair, lol. I do not and will not wear make up or hair spray. I do often go out with a hat on so that I don’t have to see all of the people and stuff at once (because apparently, I am a horse now and need horse blinders).

I think so. We mostly avoid each other (society and I).

I don’t feel connected to society. I have a few good friends. I do not keep up with the trends - I make my own trend that only I follow :slight_smile:

I have a reputation as an odd person but a good coder.

I live in fantasy most of the time. I can have very vivid day dreams.

I think I have interests that others consider strange. Lots of times I have strange ideas, but I learned to keep them to myself. I used to make up words for things and say them, but I managed to shake this habit. So, I do say strange things some times (or I used to).

pretty much non-existent. They don’t bother me and I don’t bother them.

People say hi to me, I say hi to them. If I want to have my kids have a play date with other children, their moms often find a way to make it not work. I haven’t tried to find new friends in other contexts for a while.

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