I was wondering about my appearance

Yesterday I was very much wondering about my appearance and if people could see that I’m not all well, mentally ill or sz… Later durind the day I took my friend to the doctor. She said that I should be happy that I don’t have her cancer and all the complications that goes with it. I replied to her that she really wouldn’t want to have my mental illness. She then told me that I always look so normal and don’t care about my situation. That really made me feel so good that some people think I look normal although I sometimes feel like a wreck. I was wondering…do you feel or think that people also regard you to be normal?


I often wonder this too. I do however take good care of myself, shower regularly and do my hair everyday and all that. Sometimes I just wonder if I look different.


People think I’m a burnt out surfer. :wink:

For the most part, when I’m doing well and I’m focused and I’m here… in the now… people can’t just glance at me and see that I’m Sz.

When I’m not doing well, they can tell I’m agitated or something is up, but they don’t just look at me and see Sz.


I definitely look normal
but with my history of issues with schiz some would say I’m definitely not normal


I’ve always had the feeling that I give off cues in my behavior that tells people I am not normal. This causes me tremendous anxiety. It has become a self fulfilling prophecy.


I live in a rather big city and there are SO many people acting very strange on the streets that if I ever had an episode, I don’t think I’d be noticed.

Soap Box protesters, street performers, buskers, people just having a bad day. I saw a guy in a business suit run out of the financial building into the park where I was working. Throw his brief case down, kick it for a while, rip up a bunch of papers and then count to 10 and straighten his tie and walk back inside.

My favorite was there was guy walking down the street shouting at no one around him. I was thinking of going up to him to offer some help. “Buddy, it’s OK, you can ignore the voices with help.” But I saw he had a bluetooth phone thing in his ear.
If people with out mental illness are going to act like this… Then who’s going to notice me?


James you’re absolutely right. Thanks for giving me a good laugh.


Yup. Got in trouble today over my appearance. I’m not sure how to improve it or where to start. :question:


i look like a biker at the moment…so people keep away from me .
tattoos, scars on my head (i shaved my head, well stuble now )
it is a good look for a sz !!..and then when i mutter to myself in public…it completes the picture !?!
take care

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dark sith makes a note to himself…’ do not go to seatle '.
take care

Yep. My friends and family don’t know anything about that side of me. They just think I’m quirky and accept me for who I am. Mine is of a manageable severity however. Some people have a much greater struggle covering up.

It’s a relief because it means I can make it through life semi-normally, but upsetting at the same time because it means it is very difficult for me to find support. Hence the online forum.

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I sometimes dress oddly mismatched clothes or I wear clothes that are too big for me, sometimes they’re on inside out! It’s my behaviour that gives me away the most though, I can appear very normal until I open my mouth or walk, if I’m agitated I might act paranoid and do some things like closing curtains when it’s not acceptable to do so.

I never know when I look odd. I’ll go out thinking I look fine and then mum will tell me I looked very embarrassing today… I know I do some strange things but my reaction what I did may be delayed until I get home and then I think “oh god, why on earth did I do that!?” I once had an episode where I hid under a bench in the high street of my town because I thought a helicopter was going to take me away, I could hear it very loud, as if it was ontop of me, but I now know this was a hallucination.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, you are who you are, which is unique! We’re all unique in our own ways, it’s what my mum tells me. I spend so long wanting to be normal but she says “what’s so great about being normal? That’s very boring, just be your unique, special self, people will accept you for who you are, If they don’t, they’re not worth being around!” :slight_smile:

I think your friends comment was very insensitive, she sounds like she needs some mental health awareness! Don’t take it too personally.

Take care,


@Dante13 thanks for your kind reply. I also once hide under the trees from an aeroplane that was flying above me. I thaught that they were spying on me and stalking me. You mentioned my friends remark…it did hurt a little so yes I agree with you that it was insensitive. Most people don’t know anything about MI.

I really don’t know exactly how others, especially strangers perceive me. I do know that I dont fuss with what I wear - I like to dress very casual, ripped jeans on the bottom of my pants, casual t shirts - casual shoes, boots etc… usually worn down. I like to wear baseball type caps when I venture out.
I think that many people probably see me as very poor or mentally ill based on my clothing and how I dress myself!!
People stereotype all of the time
I certainly dont fit in with most other people in my town or area.
People in general are very visual - we judge others many times on appearance. I really dont give 2 shits about my appearance, and I am starting to wonder if this has an effect on how others see me or treat me!
I am not about to wear a suit and tie where ever I go, but I think that I will start dressing a bit more presentable - but still casual, because I LOVE casual.
Also from what I can tell, I am never at ease out in public - others have told me that I look frazzled and anxious - I dont have a look of calm or assurance or confidence - So if you combine my anxious/fearful behavior with my hobo look, people probably see me as being off a bit. I will try to work on both, for myself really


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I wonder about my appearance at times as well. My wildish hair and unshaven face…I just prefer to be comfortable rather than fine tune my appearance to fit in. But I really do still dress in a very similar but maybe more grown up way as I did in the late 90’s/early 00’s.
I guess I worry far less about people caring how I look than how I seem to them. I’ve got some serious self image instability or whatever which along with some other weirdness contributes to a staggering wall of social phobia…

But as for appearances I just like to be comfortable.

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