Is there anything in life that is really that bad?

Everything kind of works out I think! Even if it is super bad like becoming a burn victim or something there still exists some level of comfort ! I mean if your homeless you don’t have responsibilities and have complete freedom and if your a burn victim you have sympathy and a similar level of comfort as you had before only with a different look! Those are examples but I just think life is like great no matter what!! Look on the bright side everybody ! Every day above ground is a fantastic day you adapt to things and seek comfort which you will find! It’s almost like our brain gets conditioned and we learn to adapt to everything no matter what! I live in the United States :us: but even if you live in like North Korea and are starving your body seeks comfort and you can have a great day there I assume! It’s just your body goes into survival mode and the fact is a ton of people have it better than you ! But so what! You are working towards a goal of feeling great!! I love life!!! Do you love life???


I love people who can find happiness no matter what the circumstance ! Wonderful people!!

Like even if you feel bad? Is it really that bad our body and mind naturally try to make us feel comfortable and great!!!

You got to just own everything you know! Own it!!!

Lots of exclamation marks!!!


I dunno…It’s good to have a positive attitude. But I think your view is a bit simplistic. There are horrible situations to be in, horrible diseases to have…lots of things that can bring you down from that positive attitude if they get ahold of you. I wouldn’t begrudge people their right to complain in bad situations.


Yea horrible diseases but in 2021 the pain medication is incredible! Suffering and pain? Is it really that bad !

I’m not saying people can’t complain but in my experience I’ve had some bad periods but now that I think about it nothing I have ever experienced was really that bad! I’ve been raped by two men had a suicide attempt was epileptic as a kid but none of it was that bad

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Umm yes…it can really be that bad. I don’t know if you’d be so chipper if you were, for example rotting away in a N. Korean prison or living with an untreatable cancer.

I still think If i experienced it I might be freaking out or starving in absolute pain but I still think would that really be that bad?!

If I was in a North Korea prison and rotting away I still would think hmmm this is interesting but could get better or worse but is it really that bad

I just always seek comfort and look on the bright side!

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Ok, well I’m glad that you are happy anyway.

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The worst thing that can happen is death ? I don’t know maybe who knows but deaths not that bad? I honestly think life no matter where or what is great$

There are worse things than death.

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That’s why I like doctors they make people feel good no matter what! If the person dies he dies but doxtors are like experts and make people feel comfortable even if they die soon after. Even like for example if somebodies child was murdered or kidnapped they would feel horrible but only temporarily they would miss they’re child they would want justice but at the same time they’re physical body and mind would be seeking comfort no matter what! They would feel f
Grief they would be afraid and devastated but I think I. The end they would find justice and even if they didn’t at some point they would feel better in terms of their comfort ! Everybody would be fighting for them and it would bring people together and create more comfort even if they didn’t get justice and still felt grief!

It’s not good to do anything bad at all! But the human spirit is addictive and some people imo are just great people who do good feel good and make others feel great! They’re honest and nice and they’re the real heroes who bring comfort not only to themselves but to everyone else. I stlll think why a lot of things are devastating and horrible it all works out I. The end! Pain is temporary is what I’m saying!!

I’m kind of a masochist hedonist thinking like what is really bad? I can’t think of anything??! It could be devastating horrible rediculous sad whatever but is it really that bad?!

How about being tortured everyday in a foreign land where they allow torture? Does that not sound bad enough to you? Or is that also not “really that bad?!”?


Hmm. . .

I’m Sure You Could Walk The Streets Or Go Into A Store And Wander About Asking That Question.

And Everyone You Meet Will Have A Solid Answer As To How Bad Life Can Truly Become.

There Is Always A Percentage Of The Population Worldwide Going Through Some Serious Troubles.

Which Is Why I Do The Best I Can. Because (As Radiohead Says), The Best I Can Is Good Enough.

Point Is, , ,

Stay Positive Because One Day The Hard Times Will Hit You.

And Being Prepared In Some Ways Can Ease The Pain. Be It Psychological, Or Physical.

On A Brighter Side Of The Daily News, There’s Always Thus. . .

Paramore~ ‘Hard Times’. (Song/Video). Released 2017