It could always be worse, right?

I mean every last person has it better than somebody else in the world.


when i am having a bad day. i just tell myself 'well i still have my hands. still have my arms. still have my legs. Tomorrows another day.


blind leading the blind

I read that feeling grateful is actually very healthy.

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If these guys are blind then you are every bit as blind as they are.

For example, when we were out yesterday my bf stopped to talk a bit with some guy.
Later he told me that the guy has schizophrenia, as well as his mother. I asked him does he work. No, he doesn’t work. He gets 50€ from the state ( sort of disability). But he doesn’t complain, said my boyfriend. It is enough for having a coffee three times per day for a month.

So…be grateful for USA, I guess.

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i only meant that life is blissful, not misery

It’s not just misery and it’s not just bliss. It’s a mixture of both and many other things. Sarad gets it. I am saying to be grateful for what you got because some poor soul somewhere else in the world doesn’t have what you have.

that poor soul you are thinking off dosent care a hooter to what you think. You can only change yourself not others…and definitely not that poor soul you are talking of

I guess. Honestly revelations was a bit much for me to handle.

My message is about being grateful, not about what someone else thinks or changing anyone.

grateful to whom ?..To God (which does not exist) or to your own self ?

Kindly ask this question to yourself in silence…remember it HAS to be silence. only then you will get the answer (which you are looking for)

I live in India and it’s much better to have schizophrenia in the US where you can have disability money than in a third world country where there is no such provision.

My parents do have some money though so they can support me. But they have expectations from me too. Like to go out and work and stuff. So I am trying to do that. My house is fine and I can afford cigarettes and coffee. I have started smoking weed lately but there is the pressure of going out and working. People in India are not very educated about schizophrenia. My aunt(who is a cardiologist) knows that I have paranoid schizophrenia and she doesn’t expect anything from me other than taking my meds and living happily. But my parents are a different story.

I know that in the long term something will work out but it’s very bad what my parents are going through. My mom has schizophrenia too btw but she doesn’t acept it. She says she is emotionally strong and spiritual. She refuses and discussion of medication. Her brother, my uncle, is also mentally unfit and even uncoherent sometimes but he too says that there is no such thing as mental illness and he is actually combative about it.

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Thanks @prndave for describing how’s life of persons with schizophrenia in your country.

That’s terrible. Here in portugal it’s 200€, not enough for bills and rent and food.

You’re right nick, it could be a lot worse. In a lot of ways we’re really lucky.

I pay over 1000€ just for my rent…

Yeah, the average studio rent in lisbon it’s at least 300€. Its cheap compared to other countries but the minimum wage here it’s 500€ and it’s what it’s payed in almost every job. A part time pays like 300€, 350€ tops. It’s not enough even with a normal setting, with a mental illness is practically impossible. People share flats a lot, get married young also because of it. Or stay with their parents, or go back to their parents home like me. I couldn’t handle the stress of working, paying bills and mental illness.

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That’s pretty bad… I am grateful that my government gives me enough money to get by.

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I have a job and caste system which me go by so its not so bad

Don’t ever think you can’t make a bad situation worse, because you always can. Count your blessings when you have them.

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