How good/bad is your life? Plus a poll

  • I dread waking up everyday
  • Life is generally pretty meaningful
  • I’ve accepted my life, and things are ok
  • I hope to die young
  • I’m in a bad place but hoping for better
  • I’m in the process of improving my life and I still have goals and dreams
  • I live one day at a time
  • I have some hobbies or good things in my life and they keep me going
  • Other (sorry it’s not a comprehensive list…)

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I just ask because I go to schizophrenia support group and the majority of people there take part in some kind of social activity and do some fun things. Some go to the ymca and take water aerobics, some facilitate group and read up on the illness, some go to clubhouse. I know if my kids (future) got sz I would treat them right away and they’d still be able to live decent lives… It is really not bad life. Personally, I have some setbacks with meds and need a lot of support, but I am happy and try to make life meaningful.


A lot good, a lot bad. In between I’m either sleeping or eating.

Ok. This girl who is basically my dream girl tells me she has some problems. Psychotic type sht. She needs me to help her with some projects and wow i just happen to have the skills to do it. She tells me my nephew (whom she lives with as shes a family friend) really looks up to me. Oh wow, i totally believe this as real. If i put myself out there tomorrow and go help her will i be shot down? Because thatll ■■■■■■■ break me. Guess i should go. Sht i got enough money to get enough to OD. Give me an excuse.

Die young. Pls.

I dont hope to die young, I just know I will. I dont really have good genes, a lot of family on my mom’s side died in their 30s-40s.

Aging can be hard. I’d like to have grandkids and grow old with a supportive husband. I also have support group people who care about me and a big family in China. I don’t think I could keep going if I were all alone in the world…sometimes I want to die young too, though.

Maybe you’ll live long, though. Be prepared for that. The more you let yourself think about death, the lower your will to live!!!

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Mostly good here.


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I have no idea what to say. It is what it is. I would have put the dying young one but I’m already old. I have my kids. We are doing pretty good.

I love my life. It’s lo stressed and I live as large as I want. It’s different from most but on the pension I can save a little money and run a car. Honestly. It won’t be like this forever but at the moment I’m very content with my lot.


I’m living a day at a time but right now that’s good enough for me. Sometimes it’s a moment at a time. But I live independently and have a car and a dog, and I’m working on having friends, too. Just some stuff in my life is tenuous right now so I have to concentrate on living in the moment.

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My life is pre ordained so i don’t get to choose in a way which i think is cool and i am happy with my lot, i dont think i’d be in this position if things were different,

i have a nice flat in a nice area with a nice gf and i help out my mum and attend a clubhouse, take my gf out and work a little, generally do what i can, i’ve got a nice car and some savings so its good, looking forward to the future

the best thing is that i was put on a kick ass med so i function really well apart from a bit of anxiety here and there.

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I remember you coming on here a long time ago and being suicidal and very depressed. Being able to live day to day is a very good change. What’s tenuous in your life? Support groups and clubhouses are a great way to make friends.

My life is good. It really is good. I think my main issue now is dealing with the aftermath of my illness. The past never leaves me, it’s this constant unwelcome visitor knocking on the door trying to interrupt my peaceful life. I’ve been through hell and back and I cant forget that no matter how much I try to put it out of my mind. I’ve experienced things beyond comprehension, the kinds of things that change you forever that you’re never the same after you deal with it. We all have here. It just comes with the territory unfortunately.

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Are you okay? Please don’t put your entire life on the whims of a woman you barely know. You deserve great things. You can’t succeed of you don’t take chances, but everyone fails sometimes. It’s part of life. But it’s worth it to keep trying.

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I got into some legal trouble and face possible jail time but I won’t know until September. I violated a restraining order but I’m a first-time offender so I hope I only get probation and/or community service. Until then I AM making plans for someone to take care of my dog and apartment if I do go to jail…even then the public defender doubts I’d get more than 30 days. So I just don’t know right now. On a good note it’s been almost 3 months since I’ve been in the hospital.

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I’m all over the place. I have a good life. I’m financially stable, have the family I always wanted, have great inlaws, a few friends, good doctors. The only downside is my health. It makes me struggle a lot. Every day is a struggle. I’m generally happy, but definitely living one day at a time. One hour at a time.


My life is solid.


Don’t do it until you are sure of you and her. It could turn out bad. Don’t be broken for a lay.

There was no category for: “My life is all around great!” So, I voted: “My life is generally pretty meaningful”.

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