Do you think that the small goodness outweighs the overall bad?

I was considering it, and was reminded of a small book that I read called,“On the suffering of the world” by Schopenhauer. He concluded that it wasn’t.

I think I tend to agree with him, currently, but who is to say that I might feel different later… :slight_smile:

I guess it depends what the bad is. People can always pay forward, but sometimes you can’t pay back. I don’t agree with his nihilistic point of view, but that’s just me.

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I definitely feel like the good outweighs the bad.

If I let the bad stuff outweigh the good, I’d be miserable.

A positive attitude is crucial to mental recovery. If everything you see is shite and you let the shite weigh the most, then your thoughts will be shite, your mood will be shite, and your attitude will be shite.
You’ll be miserable if you fail to see the light in the darkness.


look at this quote from the book for example, " The best consolation in misfortune or affliction of any kind will be the thought of other people who are in a still worse plight than yourself , and this is a form of consolation open to every one. But what an awful fate this means for mankind as a whole!

Suffering is always on the way."

I have to reread this book as it was flabbergasting to me at the time.


I’m always struggling with these thoughts lately.

Reminds me of a video of someone explaining this as “the contrast” that exists in this world.

However, some feel very weighted by this idea regardless if we can look at it like it were a catalyst for positive change.

I’ve reasoned out so far that obviously it doesn’t make sense to feel bad about bad things or that there are unwanted experiences in life. Because that lends to a constant cycle of feeling bad and then what’s the point of that?

Another video offered some perspective on this by bringing into question the idea that if we see happiness as delusional then we are essentially saying that life shouldn’t exist.

How do I feel about taking all this in? Lol.

Not much better.

The thoughts are so much worse than flies buzzing around you constantly…

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It takes a lot of small goodnesses to get through life and that makes it worth it. But some have to endure a lot. But if you have no point then it can be bad. But if you get the whole point then no matter what it can be very, very good.

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That’s just his opinion. I don’t feel better thinking about people who have it worse. I’d rather have a tougher life. That’s especially true if I can relieve others of suffering.


That’s Schadenfreude!

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