Is there anything in life that is really that bad?

Yea but if you survived and became saved and were okay you’d feel good again right? So is it really that bad?! If you died then you’d be fine too !!

lol. Ok… I didn’t know there was such a thing as being too much of an optimist until I met you. lol :rofl:

I think it depends on how resilient and sensitive you are. Some people are broken and don’t bounce back. Some people get hurt all the time and are traumatized. Nevertheless, Some strong people can basically handle anything.

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The pain a parent feels on losing a child really is that bad. I hope you never have to suffer such pain in your lifetime.


@misterdivine thinks everything is fine and that he’d be happy in every situation because he’s currently being supported by his parents and lives a cushy life.

You don’t know what real life is,

You have yet to step out in it.

This kind of optimism is for children.

Get real.

There are tons of scenarios where unnecessary suffering is eating people alive.

Glad you’re not in one of those situations right now,

But don’t be so naive.


cough cough toxic positivity cough cough


Yes, it’s still very bad. I have fibromyalgia. I’m always in pain, extremely exhausted, foggy brained, etc. I can’t go for hikes very often, anymore, because my body just won’t let me. I couldn’t go on an anniversary vacation just anywhere, because of my mobility problems. I can’t walk very far.

It is not fun at all. Nothing about fibro is positive; it all sucks. I can be happy about other things, like my husband, my pets, my home. But it doesn’t make fibro any less sucky.

I found your post rather insulting, but I know you’re not meaning to hurt people’s feelings. Just please understand. People can be happy about good things amongst the bad things… but diseases and other horrible circumstances are never something to be happy about.


I usually try to make the best of things, but things like burns are okay only if they are not severe. Someone who has got third degree burns over large areas of their body is not going to be having any good days for a long time.

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No. Even death isn’t That bad.

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I have been doing “shadow work” as in facing the shadow. Facing the fears. The more I learn to face it head on, the more I can reason with it. The more I realize it is what it is and often not as bad with the right tools to fight the stigma but in a bad mindset I mess up too.

Toxic positivity true that, cant paint the world in fake unicorn dust. There is acceptance too. But dont assume the world outside is better without you; it would be much worse if there werent optimists and engineers the type of people socially get knocked off by the same stigma and stuff.

We need smart people in the world as much as the Gifted as much as people like me who were born Cursed and confused. Not that I believe in curses, I mean cursed by circumstance…

Because anything can be flipped almost, but not everyone can come back from the darkness…pain is temporary but true love is eternal.

Stop wasting the internet!


Guessing you don’t have in-laws.


My views on the matter are complicated. I have definitely suffered losses that were permanent, and even 15-20 years later I’m still not over it. I have changed permanently because of those losses. I sometimes grieve for the person I would have been if those things hadn’t happened to me.

But the beauty of human beings is their adaptability. As long as someone is still alive, they can get used to almost anything within a couple months. The brain changes, behavior changes, and we become more adapted to surviving these hardships. We have survived this long as a species because we are so maleable. But not everyone does and this is important. Many people can adapt quickly. Some have more trouble. People who have trouble adapting are more likely to die. And that is a tragedy.

In my life, I have found that it takes me an average of 6-8 weeks to get used to a new terrible life change. It doesn’t mean I am now glad and fine with thise changes. I really wish I never had cancer. I really wish I didn’t have permanent nerve damage in my arm. I really wish I could look up (damage from my brain surgery). I really wish I could eat meat, and sleep without a breathing machine. I wish my brain would do what i wanted it to do, and that I didn’t need medicine. I wish i hadn’t had such a traumatic past. I wonder what I would have done by now if I didn’t deal with these limits. I wonder who I would be.


That’s what I meant . Thank you for sharing

Yes. Suffering and pain is that bad. My husband has a pain pump in his back delivering delaudid every day all day and he’s still in tons of pain.

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My point was the power of the human body and mind to fight things and adapt to situations even if your in 100 percent suffering and it’s horrific at 100 percent of the time then it still isn’t that bad knowing you will stop suffering at some point and die. I was a little drunk when I posted that and I start rambling when drunk.

Close this thread if you want but in actuality I was talking about our bodies going into survival mode and it’s just incredible how we react to things. Even if there is no comfort our bodies will find a new sense of comfort some how!

Toxic personality?! Maybe you think that but I have friends and people like me in real life the internet is different than real life ya know! I don’t care about this forum some people take it very very serious. Please get that checked. And I’m not exactly a child and I don’t understand calling someone’s life cushy over the internet ? I seriously struggled with schizophrenia as we all have. I don’t consider schizophrenia that bad as I don’t many many things like the thread was about . But I been to the school of hard knocks and I am pretty much recovered now …ya thug!!

But the school of hard knocks was not that bad!!! :joy:

I’m done with this forum it’s a zoo

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Don’t post drunk.

And your post was very offensive,

I can’t believe you didn’t expect this reaction.

And I was stating a fact about your life.

You’ve already said you’re 34 and living off your parents.

That’s pretty cushy.


I appreciate the topic, I myself would be afraid to be so honest about my feelings, I’m Mr Cool, you know. I sometimes feel that way, and think, hey my pain is caused by my bad attitude! I go up and down every day or so. I don’t know, maybe it is true, nothing is Really all that bad, but when I feel bad, I wait it out for the good times. My worst fear is homelessness because I need a quiet place to rest and sometimes feel that is really all I have. I’m a weary person. But maybe if I became homeless things would change for me, after all nothing is unbearable. Only once in my life did I have an unbearable experience, it was a fever dream and lasted I estimate 15 minutes.