Is there a norm?

why i am afraid of interacting with people? is there a norm in which i dont fit in? or i just lack a peace of mind and caring a lot of what others think about me?

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sorry you are feeling like this… :heartbeat:
there is no norm… :woman:
we sz think too much…
we analyse too much…
we think we are so important that people ( MI5 ) are bugging us !?!
it is all rubbish.
go out and enjoy yourself…
every human being on this planet is not watching you…they don’t care…they are self absorbed.
take care :alien:


thank you for the answer darksith. yes,i think too much but i suppose that ill wont go outside right now…like usual stuff here :confused: can the treatment help me in my case, i seem like a typical schizo or not? lol…:slight_smile:

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Take a look at this. I think you may get some major new awareness here.

Maybe you can start with baby steps. Go to the library and check out an interesting book. Or go to a coffee shop and sit there while you drink your coffee. Just being in proximity to other people can recharge our social batteries. And maybe one day make eye contact with someone and give them a smile, or wish the cashier a happy day. Practice meeting people’s eyes for brief moments, because we sz have a hard time with eye contact.


notmoses,youre nice to give me all this info. my docs were saying that my mom is quite autoritaire… cj,i do this sometimes but its difficult to smile for me yes. the eye contact also,i cant handle a long eye contact…maybe i should be more active to think less,dont know…

The authoritarian mother is several times as common as a parent of a severely mentally ill patient of any kind vs. the # of them when the child (or adult child) is not mentally ill. There is a considerable pile of professional literature on the unfortunate effects of authoritarian parenting. One can start with this (information is power; I used it – along with meds – to get out of the psychotic box):

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name”. I could get along with people fine if it wasn’t so hard to hide my illness.

Why bother hiding? i know what I bring to the table in any friendship. People feel at ease around me and more willing to open up about their oddities, because they know no matter what they say or do at least they’re not as crazy as me. It makes them feel secure enough to be weird themselves.

I don’t need stigma.

“If we weren’t all crazy we would go insane” these are some of the lyrics in a song by Jimmy Buffett (Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes (1977) to me speaks of the normal crazy that we would be in any case.

I’ve thought of that principle too. We are crazy upon crazy.

Yeah, and we could be more sane in a way just because we are more crazy. I know that I am.

It’s fluid. A lot of people I notice occasionally are crazier than me in public. Whole groups of them.

I just pretend not to notice.

I rub it in…

This conversation reminds me of those two brothers named Goofus and Gailent in the Highlight magazines I read as a kid.

Or Bazooka Joe. This is the song by Jimmy Buffett that I was referring to. These lyrics come at the end of the song.

Yes, I know the song well.