Is there a norm?

“Wasted Away Again in Margaritaville” is an old favorite too.

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“Normal” is just a setting on the washing machine. The difference between the façade people present to the world and what they do in private is astonishing.

Like @cj9556 said, a coffee shop or library can be nice. I personally like to go to the local farmer’s market. Actually socializing with people is immensely difficult, but being around other people in more comfortable and positive environments can be great.

Aww, no time for the top thread, takes to long toupload, i envy the sz’s who think its fun,envy not the word,spiders coming out of the sky,a good trip,feel good for that few,

I have to long a story

Mean i can giv tidbits not the whole story that got me wher i am,it to indivisualized

You’d be surprised, actually, by how normal we appear to the non-SZ people of this world. Over the phone & in-person people have no idea that I have SZ. I like to keep it that way, but unfortunately my current doctor thinks that b/c I appear so normal in public that I appear normal in private.

I’m not normal in private, though. That’s for sure.

Yes there is a norm,thier names r Norman,my names Josh