Understanding 'normies'

I’m sorry to say, but before I became schizophrenic myself, at age 19, I couldn’t care less about the mentally ill. They weren’t
on my radar. I was too busy partying every day, going to the beach, and playing touch football in the street with my friends.

I gave a homeless guy 2 bucks today. One time when I was unmedicated, i figured he just wanted to get drunk or or high that night like me, so i gave a guy 20 bucks.

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I’m in a relationship with a normie. But she isn’t like the other normies, she tries to understand this illness and support me. She’s worried about getting a job since then i will be alone with just my thoughts to keep me company. My inlaws are normies and they stigmatize me, they don’t understand. I have never thought of the metally ill as crazy or weird. My father has schizoaffective disorder, my aunt has schizophrenia, my brother is a cocktail of illnesses like ADHD, Autism and Bipolar disorder with psychotic features.

Right, the experience fence like they were saying.

I hate to say it but i was the same way.

It’s wise to stay away from people that have good lives, it’s an entirely different delusion, a mean one.

I thought they were faking. I thought the government was this one big giant corporation that everybody used, lied to, and abused for freebees. And mental illness was only one of the ways they did it.

This is the problem. As a society, and in especially todays world, its all about greed selfishness and materialism.
I am glad that you understand normal folks, and maybe you sympathize with them in someway.
The truth of the matter is that this society for the most part is run by, normal thinking people who have or should have more self control and responsibility for themselves and others especially those who are in greater need than themselves. As I see it the government, the medical industry, the media all have a responsibilty to take care and understand those populations who might have a more difficult time blending well in todays society, like the mentally ill.
This society is good at advocating for cancer - autism - diabetes - you know more socially acceptable and less stigmatizing diseases. When it comes to severe mental illnesses, we are basically ignored and looked down upon.
There is an overlying stereotype - a myth that permeates throughout the normal man and society’s thinking.
Not every so called normie is going to be uncaring, or indifferent towards us. You will find a scattered few that truly care or want to at least meet us halfway. But as a whole, I am rapidly losing faith with modern humanity.

I don’t hang out with modern humanity. There are some non-sz people who are also fed up with where humanity is going. I meet them outside in the park and they are the ones who DON’T have a cell phone. They have all been nice to me and each other. It’s not just SZ sufferers, a lot of people are coming to realize that humanity is not headed in the right direction.

I do agree with you about mental illness getting the back burner when compared to other physical Illness. I hate to do it but I must open a small debate on one thing…

I see more insanity in government these days then I’ve ever seen in any of my support groups. These are not rational people. Gov. Christy… Rob Ford of Toronto… Gov. Perry?
The entire child fashion industry… Victoria Secrets for toddlers? (why???)
Jeff Skilling the head of Enron… That is not normal thinking.

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Well, the first thing you gotta do drop is this “humanity” crap. Though people may see the world thru gawds eyes, and thats a big may, we have no idea how to fix things. And whenever we try to, all we do is make things worse.

I think that people tend to be crazy, precisely for this reason. We don’t know what to do… and that crazy realm is kind of an unsaid fall back from reality. A kind of a worshiping of our fallibility. We accept too much… because we see too much. We have no choice… and the only times we ever try and do something about it is when we’re angry. Without reason… without thinking. The meanings of things isn’t for us to know yet on a grand scale. All we can do is try to help in a well rounded, realistic state of mind, our immediate surroundings. “Baby steps”…

There’s a lot of things, I suspect, mankind doesn’t know. If this surprises you, then you’re only fooling yourself.

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I have a distaste for normal people. I have family and friends who were around before my schizophrenia, but I have not made any new friends that arent at least schizotypal or bipolar. Normal people dont give a ■■■■ or have a clue as to what we experience- they blow us off as “dangerous psychos” or “creative special people”. They watch too many movies like A Beautiful Mind or Benny and Joon and think that youre either a genuis or an artist, or they watch the news and think youre a murderer. They dont get it…its just a total ■■■■-up of the brain…there are no strings attatched…its a degenerative brain disease…not a gift. If it was a gift, I would be at the sperm bank right now spreading my Princeton mathematician genes everywhere for the good of humanity…oh how many brilliant artists and geniuses there would be…no, there would be like a dozen more homeless people in 20 years.

Normal people will never face a challenge like schizophrenia. I live for challenges, so I feel superior to most normal people because I am and have always been high functioning, facing my schizophrenic world and not letting it beat me. I just feel like normal people are boring and all they end up doing in using drugs, which is just chemically induced temporary psychosis, it’s like they want to experience psychosis and then brag about how well they handled “shrooms” or “acid” or even “DMT”. I have a friend who took acid and then drove his car and then bragged about being able to to it. That’s just retarded, its like trying to be me or something. Most kids who use hallucinogens just do it to brag about how they stayed calm and didnt end up in a crisis assessment center. They dont understand that having schizophrenia is like being on the worst acid trip of your life every waking moment. I’ve been to a crisis assessment center and guess what? the only ones who were awake in the room were people on hallucinogens…and me.

Normal people can make me sick sometimes. They are blessed with mental health, and we just long for it, and then we see them throw their lives away by using, basically doing their best to become psychotic. If I was sane, my life would have been alot better than it is now. Normal people just get drunk or high, its hard to find normal people who appreciate being normal and dont live to get ■■■■■■ up. I was beyond ■■■■■■ up, I was psychotic for nearly two important years of my life, and I never wanna be ■■■■■■ up on anything again. I guess it would do the world some good if everyone had paranoid schizophrenia for a day. That would bring out everyone’s true colors.


ive been homeless and ive heard LOADS of people say im not giving them money they’ll spend it on drugs! cue tripping over high heels from drunkenness.
if you give money to a homeless person your just making their day a little bit easier.

J what I wrote was for the most part - meaning pretty much as a whole, those people in power play positions, are not officially dxed with schizophrenia. Many of them are neurotic for certain. Most of them are capable of making clear and righteous decisions, they choose not to. But I totally see your point.

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I think a lot of society has the mentality of high schools kids in a way. Pick on anybody different. Take advantage of those different and play on their weaknesses. Use implied or even obvious intimidation to have power over someone or to get what you want. Shun anybody who appears or acts different. No one expects the average high school kid to care about someone else who is having a hard time, except if it effects them directly. I heard Jon Stewart or someone say the other day that a politicians main job is to stay on office. So they pander to whoever or whatever will achieve that goal. Mental illness treatment is on a back burner because we don’t have a huge lobby or a huge voice.

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Not all ‘normies’ are messed up :smile: Not that I want to put myself in the normal category as I don’t believe it exists. No one can truly know what someone else has gone through unless they go through it themselves and even then the outlook varies from person to person. That is true not just for psychosis but any other physical disorder or disease. I don’t know what is it like to have cancer or to have schizophrenia. I can try to empathize. Until we are exposed to a given set of circumstances then it is outside our reality. My world is different then my sons. His world comes with it’s own set of rules and experiences as does mine. Try not to be so hard on us because we are different because in the end we are all here together and can learn from each other.


BarbieBF, you really do seem to be quite understanding of what we go through. I wish there were more people like you rself who are not afflicted with SZ, that go out of their way to be supportive. Thank you.


in order to be able to understand a normal person you have to first become one, so become a normie

become a normie :bulb:

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will ‘normies’ ever understand sz?

maybe there should be a tread started entitled Understanding 'schizo’s’

or is that going too far?

the “normie” hate is thick here. I’m sorry there are so many who have that much anger in their heart. I have met some very good people who aren’t SZ. I have met some really jerks who are SZ. The world is more then SZ and non-SZ.

I’m getting a little sad about the “normie” hate. [quote=“mortimermouse, post:9, topic:1591”]
I just feel like normal people are boring and all they end up doing in using drugs,

All I ended up doing was using drugs… when I’m in negative symptom, I AM boring.

There is a reason why people reach for this sort of self destruction. Sure, they may brag it up, but until I know the motivation, who am I to judge? There was a guy who did as many drugs as I did, and sure he played it up like a big dumb animal and acted all macho about it. It got annoying… many people thought he was a big dumb party animal jock… He put a bullet in his head because he couldn’t take the hate and physical abuse at his house anymore… that was why he was reaching for the drugs. He didn’t have SZ so I did envy him, until I saw the fact that he had parents who hated his guts… Then I was sad for him.

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that’s a good point. I have a normie friend who has heart disease and has had multiple open heart surgeries, and I’m not sure if he has a shortened life expectancy, but I imagine he does. I’ve never asked. He’s an example of a normie that I approve of using drugs and alcohol; he uses it like medicine to get rid of the pain. I have another normie friends, one who pushes psychodelics on people, and I dont approve of that- to me he just makes me mad, seeing someone without a major problem going hardcore in drugs just for fun, risking insanity with the more drugs he takes and mixes and becomes dependent on (he does uppers and downers most days regardless of psychadelics). It’s when I know the person well, know their motivation and see them use drugs and alcohol to excess that bothers me…

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Dont think god/the absolute wants normal people per se.
i think its the accumulation of all kinds of different people

for me its nice here, too have some people under the same circumtances

But then I start to think that people with other psychological or health disorders arent really “normies” at all…I just have a problem with healthy people trying to chemically induce psychosis (what almost all drugs do) or drink like they need it to stop hearing voices, which is what I used to do. I don’t know, it’s a mix of my envy of them for being normal, and the frustration I feel when I see them act so not normal, when normal is something I would give anything for.