Is the general public just using you?

Do people with low-esteem and little confidence see a golden opportunity when we come along? Someone who has less confidence then themselves. After all, we know that some people treat people badly to build up their own self-esteem or to cover up their own inadequacies.
On my own confidence. I go through times where I have a little.self-confidence coupled with times where I have zero. I would like to be more on an even keel where I have a little confidence all the time.


That’s how bullies work. I took enough of their crap in elementary and middle school.

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I have to be careful then. My goal is to be able to stick up for myself without being a bully. I took a lot of crap too growing up. Now I’m sick of it. I just want to be left alone.

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They say that positive affirmations can help you with self-esteem and confidence. They say positive self talk is also important, but to each his own.

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I was once bullied by my next door neighbor. She tried to beat me on neighborhood meeting – the happy hour meeting. She is the same age to mine and very fat while I was slim and well-dressed. She wanted to attract all the men on that Happy Hour Meeting and hated those men who were being nice to me. I could felt the tension in the air and was very uncomfortable about it. My conclusion is she is mean and I should avoid her as much as possible.

I think social anxiety means we are searching for the other approval so we learn be nice be polite don’t hurt peoples feelings, conditioned from when we are young whats more important is a authentic relationship with yourself and to be real with YOURSELF of course don’t go around being too blunt you can dip it in honey a bit but I think we can try to hard to want others to like us that we loose who we are in the process don’t be afraid to be weird if that’s who you are.

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Do YOU have confidence? I don’t know whether to accept the fact that I have no confidence or to do something about it. I think I pass for normal and I want to stay that way.

I think confidence comes from a little bit of necessary pride…not too much pride, I try to be humble all the time…but like I have pride when I play “foggy mountain breakdown” on the banjo. I at that moment feel proud. You should take heart in the fact that you are such a stable person nick…I see what you mean by when you said so much about music and exquisite taste at that by the way…I feel very close to you nick…you should be proud and confident…you are a success.

Thanks Jukebox.My therapist told me that he thinks I can recover even more.

to me, you’re what I learned to say “you’re one of the miracles”…good job in your life and job you hold…and all your right on advice about saving money and all…

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I just mentioned those things as a possibility. Just in case you were looking for ideas. I have a little confidence. I’m very sorry if I have offended you.

I don’t have a lot of confidence, but I know that I have self worth some of the time. Mostly by the way people who know me well seem to value me. Or the way I feel when I talk with them. I have interest at least, in some things I want to do.

Maybe you’ve got to look everywhere + underneath things + muster some courage. Doesn’t sound very encouraging.

Sorry, Joanne, I could see how you misunderstood my answer. I wasn’t offended at all by your answer. I just honestly wanted to know if you personally had confidence.

I’m not very brave in some ways but I have some courage. When I see other people behaving cowardly it bolsters my courage. Maybe that’s small of me but I will not be a bully. I think I have a right to defend myself in this crazy world. Not everybody is nice and fair. I’m far from perfect.

Or maybe stand on your own two feet.

What do you mean by that?

I had a housemate who claimed i couldn’t stand on my own two feet. I thought about it for years until a therapist pointed out that not only could I stand on my own two feet but it was probably HIM who couldn’t stand on his own two feet. He was a bi-polar guy. Most normal looking guy you would ever want to meet.

The secret is to understand why people do so on the grand scale of all reality and all eternity.

Your kindness may be taken advantage of. This is about bad against good.

Thank goodness there is a fellow who knows of both good and evil, thus he exceeds them both. These two, good and evil, became his sons. No evil can beat him, so not to worry. Those who try to take advantage of your special qualities will, in the long term, pay the price.

That’s little consolation. I want to be equal NOW. I’m just tired of people being rotten. People will push you to your limit.

Well look at it this way… There is an afterlife that lasts forever.

So you could give up now, and have a miserable eternal afterlife, but a fantastic now, or…
you could have a miserable now, but an fantastic eternal afterlife.

Yep, if have not figured out the eternal structure of reality, then from your point of view the eternal afterlife is only a vague possibility.

Thus secret #2 is to figure out how to create reality. Once done, there is no doubt about the existence of an afterlife.

But there is a catch. There is only room for one person to figure out the entirety of reality. Anyone else is at least one step down due to the entirety being singular. But again, not to worry, there is what there is.