Is the general public just using you?

I am not basing this life on the promise of an afterlife. I’m not going to give up on this life for something that hasn’t been proven to my satisfaction. I will learn to be meaner.

One may have a miserable now simply because the others are jealous and thus torment you to break you down.

However, you have the choice of defending the true you, that good you, no matter what the consequences in this life.

Or, you can let others reduce you to their level.

It’s up to you.

Personally, I said I would be me no matter what any ■■■■■■■ did to me to any extent.

I will learn to be meaner. It’s the only way. It’s the only thing that people understand.

Don’t be meaner. Simply see that you are above and beyond the others no matter what tricks they play to make you seem to be a lessor.

If they do not understand, then that is their loss.

I would like to take the high road but I always feel like I’m losing. I’m tired of feeling bad all the time. If I’m nice I feel bad. If I’m mean I feel bad. I just have that urge to really give my tormentors their just desserts.

I’m tired of people being mean to me at will.

I understand.

Years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years passed by as I tried to pass what I knew was right and what I knew was important onto others, yet both meant nothing to them. I was obsessed with trying to expose what was right because what is right was not just important to me, but was infinitely important to me.

All those years passed by before I realized that many folk are just incapable of placing the value of infinite importance above the value of simply living.

Hey, I can relate. I try to show people that what they are doing is unfair. That what they are doing is not right. It just serves to spur them on and do it more. I’m not perfect.

Like I said, it took me many years to realize that having a big heart that naturally and automatically tries to correct errors made by others, can’t help everyone else. The bigger the heart and scale of caring, the further ahead you are than others, thus the harder it is to convince others to come along for the advanced ride.

It’s the here and now that I have problems with. But it’s interesting to see that we have the same concepts. I live in the future often. But this life is not a dress rehearsal. Everything counts.

I always did the nice guy thing and this world chewed me up and spat me out. To be honest, lately I’ve been losing my optimism that someday, in another world and another life after this, it will at least be rewarded and things will be different. Still, I can’t seem to bring myself to be an ■■■■■■■ so my life here will go a little more smoothly. But, I absolutely understand your frustration Nick.

I think everybody understands.

I think the general public forgets that they are getting away with murder.

I think the general public IGNORES the fact that they are getting away with murder.

It sucks having a greater scale of consciousness than other, doesn’t it !

Especially when they insist that we are the lessor.

It makes life harder.

I’m working on ignoring people and not paying attention to every wannabe little hood or tough guy who is desperate for attention. I was the punk when I was younger. I did the drugs. Do they think they corner the market on being cool? Doing drugs is easy, anyone can do it. Facing life on life’s terms is much harder.

no dont be meaner theres enough meaness in the world it take strength and courage to be a gentle kind person its your animal instinct i have low self esteem too far from being mean to others when your undergoing anxiety, pain being kind and gentle and saying good things about yourself very much like jukebox does its whats going to help you im still trying its an ongoing process not something you get overnight although it is very friustrating.

u don’t have to b mean to defend yourself or stick up for yourself. being assertive is all that’s required. stating ur point calmly and clearly. some people will always try and take advantage of a trusting soul unfortunately but if christianity is right or karma prevails, these people will never b happy in this life or the next. i used to live with a bully who was insanely jealous and yet couldn’t keep his pants on with other women and when i left him i had a little smile to myself as i know that he will always judge his girlfriends by his own standards and therefore will never b at ease with them and will never know happiness in his life. that is revenge enough for me. self hatred can b a wonderful thing when ur enemy suffers it.

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You could be neutral.