What do you feel about bullying?

What do you feel about bullies calling you names, making fun of you? Do you fireback at them? If not you should. Cyber bullies are prevalent. My friend’s daughter she is like a bully because she always slaps I guess they are play slaps. Its hard for me in a social convo to formulate my thoughts enough to state my point in an argument. We must however not become victim to verbal attack.

I felt bad about it. It triggered my paranoia and social anxiety. All because i was physically and socially awkward. Over 40 years later i still suffer the effects.

I used to wonder what was so bad these kids were going through compared to the bullying that has always existed. The change I think is the Internet and social media. That stuff stays there for anyone and everyone to see. Once it’s up, there’s no way of escaping it. In my day, bullying was a transient thing, you could go home and get at least a little relief. Not so today.


I was fine until 5th grade when a older bigger kid bullied me by choking me. Instantly got mild social anxiety, mild turrets and mild genetic OCD. My pre signs to eventually becoming schizophrenic. Don’t have those problems anymore.

actually i have ALWAYS hated bullying in our school we had a hours bus journet to the school and the same back with no adult supervision! can you believe that
i developed a medusa look dont mess with me look but my older sister got bulliedvery badly this young boy nick used to get t so bad and i told thm to leave him alone a few times anyway about 6 years later i went to a club and he was there and he thanked me for it that was a nice moment.
i dont get angry at bullies anymore(enless they are physical with me)
sticks and stones can break myk bones but names can never hurt me.

Even adults such as secretaries are massive bullies.

I never picked on people, even as a kid, except for a few times when I was trying to fit in with a bunch of a-holes. Decades later I still feel bad about it, I pray for them sometimes. I guess I’m a big softy.

I was bullied as a kid but I beat the bully up one day in front of the church (catholic school) and then I was a “badass”…stupid kids…

I don’t know why people bully other people. We look at this Earth and we are so small and inconspicuous in comparison. Hurtful words hurt people, kind words make people feel loved and wanted. We should try to love one another not hate.

I was severely bullied in school, and it did me a lot of damage. Adults can be bullies too, but that usually comes in the form of economic bullying. When I was a waitress, a lot of customers took out their problems on me. One guy made fun of me, and said something about how it requires so much intelligence to work in the food service industry. I guess that made him feel big.

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I think there is nothing lower than bully’s except the bystanders who do not get involved to stop it.

The stories about the kids that get bullied to the point of suicide on facebook are the reason why I don’t ever want to be on it, see it, see my family on it. I see nothing in it for me. Those stories really upset me. These kids just getting relentless harassment on line with false pictures posted and lies spread. Poor kids… There were a few of those stories that really hurt my heart.

I have no idea if I was bullied as a kid. I probably was, but I was such a crazy druggie looking out for kidnappers that it might not have registered. I know I scared a lot of people. Maybe I was too crazy to mess with?

I was beat up a lot when I was homeless, so were a lot of guys in our camp. But the ones who did the beating… did it in the name of God so I figured it had nothing to do with me and that Christians are scary.

I HATE seeing waitresses get picked on. I can never figure what that’s about. What would he want??? To go to a place and have to do it all himself? It makes no sense to me.

But I have heard stories of people getting their karmic due for stuff like that.

It’s a famous story here in Seattle that a CEO blew a multi-million dollar Boeing contract by being a jerk to a waitress in front of some Japanese investors. The investors were very open as to why they pulled their investment. They would not support a company that had CEO’s with no manners or grace and had to pick on hard working people. That CEO got fired after that.

It happens every where. People who want to scram at lifeguards never go to the 6 foot, huge muscle bound burly lifeguard, they always yell at my sister and the other two young females on the team. It must really make a 45 year old man feel good to yell at a tiny 17 year old girl. (???)

The people that bullied me every day in high school knew how to reiterate what I felt about myself and reinforced my already low self esteem. I couldn’t fight back. I had nothing left to. It still affects me. And my self esteem is still low.

Cyber bullying seems more like torture.

i was bullied in secondary school for “stealing” someones boyfriend. i guess when ur a kid u don’t have the wherewithall to blame the guy. it made my life hell for two or three years. but as we got older, one of them apologised to me and even came to my wedding! she felt immense guilt once she grew up a bit, so i forgave her for it.

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This made me smile… I guess we guys are just easily led away. :wink:

i have been bullied my whole life for being different. I am a mix of Goth and Emo and Scene, and people hate what they dont understand. Even my parental unit doesn’t like it when I dress goth or emo…but anyway, Bullies will be bullies, and you should fight back. I never did, so please learn from my mistakes guys.


@CarolineC What kind of idiot insults the people who bring him his food?
Tis the fool who don’t know what he is eating.

It’s too bad all these people with high opinions of themselves aren’t able to convince the rest of us how great they think they are.

I was choked by another kid in 5th or 6th grade and I scratched his eyes up pretty good. It made me more quiet for a while, but I got through it.

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If u truly love ur partner, nobody can lead u anywhere :slight_smile:

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