Ink blot test

I got “possibly schizophrenic”. It then gave me a paragraph about how serious and damaging schizophrenia is and to take medication.


you all take it tell me that the blots arent mostly faces, morbid, scary, angry faces like skeleton faces, demon faces, angry men’s faces, halloween masks, one submarine and a bat.

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I couldn’t get past the first one because there isn’t an option for pelvis and I’m not gonna just choose an answer to move on

I got normal/average. Interesting find @mortimermouse!

Not a very good one as gives you multiply choice. Which gives you time and limits choices to manipulate the answer. If you are using this in the USA no wonder psychopaths get so unnoticed until it’s to late.

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Normal/average. The choice of answers wasn’t very good.

I got possible schizophrenic. I don’t know how doing that test could possibly tell if I am schizophrenic or not. interesting though.

That one’s only a little better… could do without the commentary though.

But I never saw the same stuff as the poster did, it was all different crazy things

I always try and see what different things I can see. Normally I get the first clear image and then search for other possibilities. Don’t think it really helps to define anything about how psychotic someone is.

I only looked at 3 of the blots. 1)two witches holding a young child 2) two dogs with a salt pot between their snouts 3) two stooping females.

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I saw a lot of animals when I looked at the ink blots. No telling what that means.

For some reason the answer choices arent showing…anyways, #1 is Megatron from transformers, a demon face, a dark warriors mask, etc… #2 is a mask, or a creepy insect in the middle and 2 horse head profiles facing out, which could also be the wings of a strange moth or the entire thing the top view of a stealth aircraft or spaceship…like a fighter type spaceship…

Pelvis bone in 2nd one as well… could also be the skull of a flat headed creature like the Night Fury dragon from How to Train Your Dragon

When I took these in an eval they wanted every possible answer, not just one…

In first one besides being one entire pic has batman at top with other stuff underneath…just below on the sides are either 2 women facing in but leaning out, or they are warriors with swords…dogs, birds, etc

Thought there was a rule about not posting all this porn lol.

The answers finally loaded…LOL

You are…Normal/Average! You have a healthy psyche and have a strong ability to know yourself and others. You’re content being just you, and have no inner issues to mention. So relax, and smile!

The test isnt good because when you take it at the doctors it isn’t just one answer…you may see what you chose in the choices but see other things too, and most of the stuff i actually see isnt even in the choices! I just chose the best one that fits…And it is also leading by giving choices like that because you are getting prompts of things it might look like but you wouldn’t have seen yourself if the suggestion wasnt there in front of you…

I got “Normal/ Average”

My initial reaction was LOL. Most of my choices was that I couldn’t see anything maybe that’s why I got such an answer.

Said I’m normal… wow… that was odd…

Ok… this one is my favorite joke about the ink blots…

The doc shows a patient all sorts of ink blots and with every one… the patient answers with a part of sexual anatomy or a sexual act. This goes on for a while…

The doc closes the book and tells the patient that they seem to think about sex a lot.

the patient answers… “well what do you expect… your the one showing the dirty pictures…” :laughing:


To me, this picture is clearly an enraged warrior’s face and maybe batman at the top, but first and foremost a warrior’s face, the eyebrows and nose just happen to look like batman.