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I have been paranoid schizophrenic for 6 years, I am French and this is the first time that I post on this forum.
if you can help me that would be great.
I am trying to get some information on caplyta.
I have tested almost all antipsychotics except xyprexa.
i did just one bda, and i’m stable on 25 mg loxapine, i know it’s a small dose but i have side effects:
-no emotions.
-no center of interest I’m bored all the time.
-no motivation.
-little energy.
-no libido.

  • bad erection.
  • nocturnal awakenings.
  • impossibility of losing weight.
    -light constipation

I’m convinced loxapac is doing this to me.

I would like to know if caplyta can help me with these side effects?
anyone know when it will be released in europe?

thank you very much for your help.


I’m not an expert on Caplyta but I can tell you that I have the symptoms I have quoted you on too.
I have been looking for a solution for this past year.

I tried switching from invega to abilify and it only helped so much. I can’t say with certainty but IMO it may be the negative symptoms of Schizophrenia and not the particular drug you are on contributing the most to these symptoms. The drugs may also be a factor I don’t know. I have many of the same symptoms as you on Abilify.

It’s worthwhile to try switching meds and see if it helps but if these symptoms remain, negative schizophrenia symptoms may be at least partially to blame.

My next attempt at fixing my issues is to try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT. I have no idea if it is going to help these symptoms or not.

I just wanted to note that some people have had some luck with Sarcosine in improving symptoms too. Here is a link to this websites info on Sarcosine:

Thank you.
I have already tested sarcosine but it did not do anything to me.

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I think my symptoms are due to loxapine because when I was on xeroquel (450mg) I had emotions and I was not bored but I was gaining weight and I was sedated and I was parasitized by the positive symptoms .
what is good with caplyta is that it blocks on average 40% of dopamine and that there is no affinity on the histamine receptors.
I would like to know if the fact that it is an agonist d1 gives motivation?
i am sensitive to the medication eg i was on haldol 0.5 mg and had no libido and other side effects.

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Ok, well, like I said, it doesn’t hurt to try switching. I personally have had the same symptoms regardless of which med I was on. Maybe to a slightly less degree on Abilify.

You may have to wait until a little later in the day when more of our users are awake to get a response from someone with experience with Caplyta. I personally can’t answer your questions in this area. You may want to wait a few hours and bump your thread back up to the top.

P.S. I wish you good luck.

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Thank you for your help.

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Caplyta is not a potent antipsychotic, it’s more suited for people who want a weaker antipsychotic with less side effects.

A common side effect on caplyta is weight loss however. it mainly operates on the same mechanism as abilify so it still blocks D2 but also is an agonist for glutamate. It has slight but insignificant effect on negative symptoms like most antipsychotic

As for when it will reach Europe, you should ask that question to the “FDA” of your country to see if the company filed an application to export to your country, if not you can try calling the company up to ask if they have any plans to export to your country

You could switch to a strong atypical antipsychotic which might be more expensive but less likely to cause movement disorder

why do you want me to take a strong atypical antipsychotic?
I just told you that I take a small dose of neuroleptic.
otherwise I called the fda but they don’t want to tell me all the company that patented the caplyta, they don’t want to if you’re not a pharmacist or a psychiatrist.

The antipsychotic you are on is a typical and seems to be quite strong?you can always switch to a weak atypical antipsychotic, the side effects are more bearable.

Like I barely have any sexual side effect on lurasidone and abilify and I can feel emotions and stuff, abilify instead have me so little sedation that I have lots of energy. Atypical are also known to cause less movement disorder

We can’t tell you when it will be available in UK, only the FDA in your country can, you need to check with them to see the company that made caplyta filed an application or you can call the company that made caplyta to check when are they exporting to your country

loxapac is not a strong antipsychotic, it is given for anguish and to decrease agitation.
some classify it as typical and others as atypical.
the minimum dose is 75 mg in France. I take 25mg
latuda is not available in France.
I have already tried xeroquel 450mg, rispersal 3mg, solian 200mg, haldol 0.5mg, abilify 7.5 mg, trueylar 1.5mg with all the same side effects.
I do not speak English to call the United States to know when it will be released in France.
I use google translate lol

Ask your psychiatrist to call the FDA in your country then?it’s your country so we won’t know when they are importing caplyta

And loxapine is quite strong and has worse side effects than many of the newer atypical antipsychotics

I am also planning to call sunovion to ask about sep 363856 when the phase iii results releases since the phase ii results looks really good without any bothersome side effects

I would like to know the testimonies of people who took caplyta and the chemical straitjacket is gone.
the return of well-being and motivation?

thank you

It is up to your government to allow Caplyta. It costs $1320 US dollars a month without insurance.

It may never get released in Europe. It failed phase 3 trials, but the USA FDA still gave it the go ahead.

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Someone take caplyta here?

I think @makebelieve is on Caplyta.

Thank you, i don’t know how the forum works.
I hope he will write something.

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Maybe @John_Raven too. He was on it but idk if he stopped it.

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