Started Caplyta

Took my first capsule earlier today. I’m taking it along with 20mg Abilify for the time being. I’ll keep this thread updated with how it’s affecting me.

Also, does anyone know how long this medication takes to work? I’m having trouble finding info on that.


Abilify isn’t working for you? Abilify doesn’t cause much weight gain.

Yeah good luck with it and please keep us posted on your progress.


I was 200lb on Abilify, now I am 290lb on Risperdal.

Oh I see, thought you would always take them together. I also had addiction issues, mainly compulsive shopping, from Abilify. I also had hypersexuality from it. I was on 20mg. My negative symptoms were much better on Abilify though. I prefer Vraylar, its a similar med as Rexulti and Abilify, they’re partial dopamine antagonists.

Now I am 4mg Risperdal, waiting on Vraylar to become available here by end of this year. Partial dopamine antagonists improve my negative symptoms by a LOT.

Sadly addictions and impulsions are underrated everywhere, no one believes that meds can cause them. I had to show the FDA and Health Canada addiction & hypersexuality warnings about Abilify to my psychiatrist, he didn’t believe me at first. Ppl think its our personality and that nothing can change personalities, not even meds. Meds do change our personality! Ppl think we’re just bad ppl forever!

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Totally agree. There are actually law firms that have cases going against makers of Abilify. I contacted one at one point (my gambling was out of control). They ended up telling me that the cases results weren’t favorable enough for the plantiffs to go forward with it.

And yeah, I wouldn’t be against just lowering the Abilify or trying a different partial dopamine agonist along with the Caplyta. Vraylar is usually better with side effects I take it?

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Its a partial dopamine antagonist/agonist just like Abilify and Rexulti but without possible addiction and hypersexuality side effects. I suggest you try Caplyta alone and compare how your negative symptoms are on it vs Abilify. If they’re the same just stick with Caplyta. If Abilify’s negative symptoms are better, then switch to Vraylar. Don’t waste your time with Rexulti, its very similar to Abilify and has the same FDA and Health Canada warnings about addictions and hypersexuality as Abilify.

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The side effects aren’t better from a meta study for vraylar that is

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How do you feel so far @makebelieve?
Any significant side effects from it yet?

I will ask my doctor about Caplyta next week.
I’ll see what she thinks about it.

Your taking Abilify, and Abilify can hinder the effects of other drugs. I can’t take this thread seriously

I’ve noticed a bit of dry mouth and a little tiredness. Nothing major.

Feeling pretty well overall though :slight_smile: I’m in a good mood (probably because I’m optimistic for the future with fewer side effects).

I expect it’ll be more sedating than Abilify overall. Guess we’ll see how it goes! It’ll probably take some time to build up in my system.


Again, good luck @makebelieve

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Did someone just say, “The Worlds Biggest Rodent?”


Good look like good drug so far

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Took my 2nd dose earlier and it seems my hunger level has already decreased :smiley:


If you are still taking abilify, your hunger level shouldn’t decrease


Yeah, I noticed a little bit of a decreased appetite for the first few days. Now I’m having substantial hunger again.

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Overall feeling pretty good. I’ve been on it for almost a week. No adverse side effects other than mild tiredness. No dry mouth atm.

I see my doc in like 3 weeks to manage the Abilify dose.