I'm still alone

I’m 24 and I haven’t had a girl my whole life. I barely know how to talk to one or anyone for that matter. For some reason my mind tells me its because I’m the devil


Its probably because you’re shy,

Not the devil.

Don’t worry,

Plenty of women, like me,

LOVE shy dudes and find it super attractive.

You just need to put yourself out there a little more so the ladies know you’re interested.


Impossible! If you were the devil you would have surely found a girl. :wink:


Yeah I know I’m shy but it seems everyone except me can connect with women. But theres something about me that just pushes them away. I hope I get it together soon I’d hate to die with no children

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Man you don’t know how much I wish that statement was factual

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It may not feel like it,

But you’re very young, you have plenty of time for dating.

Have you tried online dating?

Have you tried anything?

And @zeno is 100% right.


Tbh I really haven’t tried any form of dating I’ve been to busy thinking I’m Satan and the worlds out to get me, and attempting suicide

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There’s the problem!

Make a tinder account or whatever is popular right now.

Sorry to hear you’re obsessions with Satan get in the way.

I have a similar struggle and its difficult at best.

Build a profile, man.

You don’t have to do anything with it yet, but take some pictures, get a good one and fill out the profile.

When you feel a little better, start digging around.


U know what! You’re right! ill do just that, Nothing plus nothing always equals nothing. I gotta start putting in some effort. Thanks a lot you have been a great help



Get out there!


I am not a fan of online dating. It can be very dangerous not too mention creepy. You never know what you are getting into and more often than not people do a lot of lying online. Try getting out to a church or some community functions around your neighborhood. Stay positive and be careful. I think it will all work out for you.


Why would you say this?

We’re trying to get him out there dating!!

Its not dangerous, @Ellistywan,

Just be careful.


Thanks for making me :slight_smile: @zeno! lol



What’s really stopping you from asking a girl out? Is it rejection? When you ask a girl out, and she says no, all that means is she said no. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, or a loser, or whatever. There’s a myriad of reasons why a girl will say no, so don’t let it hurt your feelings.

Keep asking girls out until one says yes.


Do you have Meetup groups in your area. Often they are free or very inexpensive. I’ve been to a few and it was so fun!



And they even have ones for people who have social issues.

Great advice, @Tomasina


Even though you think you are the devil you are not. Your heart and spirit are in my reading of your post of a gentle being filled with romance and it seeks out love from someone and some place distantly awaiting you to discover them.

True, @anon54386108 - great point!

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If everyone who was single forever was the devil there would be too many devils on earth to keep track of :joy: I’ve never had a meaningful relationship in my life. I’ve been single for the past 4 years. I’m too shy to approach guys though :disappointed:

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Its not that I’m afraid of rejections but t hey usually juss ignore me. Like literally Just walk of in the middle of me talking. Maybe I’m just too boring