Im looking for a woman to date any single women here dating?

as least im trying hey


Perhaps one of my voices is single. Should I ask?


Oh geez oh golly, can you ask her if she is available? @Trigger

If you would be gay then I guess you could have my voices… but that’s sadly not the case xD

edit. I’m sorry for making jokes here.

You live in Ireland @san_pedro, I doubt anyone else on here is a female living near you. Try plenty of fish, its a popular and free dating website. sucks balls. Ive gotten a lot of hits on plenty of fish. Ive also met people in school or at clubs. Its really awkward when another guy and I go out and we’re both like “Im a top” and then its just like oh well.

but really try online dating or bars and clubs. I am pretty attractive and am a 20 year old weightlifter so it’s not hard for me to collect numbers at school or in a club. I sort of give up because everybody wants to be screw buddies and dont want real relationships. I have had a number of screw buddies so I have been there and done that and I dont want that anymore. I have a ■■■■■■ up psyche and need someone who can handle me, which is a challenge and is discouraging. I remind myself that I am not even 21 yet and that everyone else is immature.

Ive met girls and guys who didnt want to keep dating because I was too straight edge, I dont party and am all about lifting weights. I mean I will go to a party but end up taking care of drunks and drinking water and drive people there to make sure I dont drink.

But really, online dating can work pretty well.

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I’ll see if I can pull son strings for you :wink:

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Have you ever seen “Top Gun” starring Tom Cruise? He’s in a bar trying to pick up girls with his friend and says something about a “Target rich environment”. You need to put yourself in a “target rich environment” i.e. the more girls you are around, the better your odds are for getting one. Clubs, library’s, supermarkets, restaurants etc.


Oh dear… dating is hard for everyone, but it seems that finding a date is so much harder for men than it is women. I think this is because so many men set their visual standards too high. They all go after the tall blonde or the leggy brunette when that short mousy haired girl would actually love them. I’m not saying that you should date someone you aren’t drawn to, just that really good looking people seem to tend to be jerks.

I think the best thing to do is network. Find new people to hang out with, widen your circle of friends. The person you start hanging out with might be a guy, but he might have a sister and his girlfriend probably has friends.

From my understanding bars aren’t the best place to meet people you actually want to date.


what about you onceapoet you single?

No, I’ve been engaged for about three years now or more.

Well its not like id ever really attempt a long distance relationship over the internet but I was just wondering. Good for you!

I really debated whether or not to say this, but I don’t think I could ever date anyone with a major mental illness just because if something ever happened to them for whatever reason and I couldn’t help them because I was sick myself I would never be able to forgive myself.
Especially sz because I have heard of so many people getting off their meds and getting really sick because of it and not wanting to get back on them. Just seeing someone go through that and not being able to help them might just be the end of me and then I definitely wouldn’t be able to help them. It would break my heart because I would feel like as someone with sza I should know what to say and what to do to make it better, but I know I don’t.
I just don’t think that I could give them an adequate level of care and I’m not ok with that.

I totally agree with this

Re: Top Gun

Singing a song doesn’t hurt either :wink: … Or looking like Tom Cruise.

I thought touting for boyfriends/girlfriends wasn’t allowed on . This is supposed to be a support site rather than a dating site.

Maybe finding a lady to talk to would be a form of support esp if shes SZ.

Yes, its probably not helpfu to post here and we’d prefer people not - I think people are suggesting and

and other free sites. They are much better with a lot more people anyway.

I’m prolly too old for you :wink:, unless you bike Like I do, then anything is possible!

Thank you for this decision @SzAdmin. I’ve had problems before with people thinking that my liking their status or laughing at their jokes means something more than I think they are funny. C has had to tell some people to back off before because they were trying to show interest by responding to all my comments, likeing everything I put up. It’s made me really insecure about giving positive feedback on the web. I feel like I don’t have to think things like “I liked his last post. What will it say if I like this one too? But it’s really funny…”
I really like that I don’t have to worry about that here.

Try taking a painting class even if you don’t normally do art work. It’s almost always nothing but women there :slight_smile: I took a class hoping to meet another artist. Also see if there are any social groups in your area for mental illness, maybe you can find someone else going through the same thing. Churches are good places to make friends who stay out of trouble and possibly meet some good people. I tried plenty of fish hoping to meet a guy who was understanding about my situation. I seem to be running into guys that don’t care instead, because they don’t plan on keeping me for more than a fling. Not what I wanted at all. I don’t go on there anymore. Have you tried art therapy? It is great for you and maybe you’ll meet someone.

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