Im starting to switch to abilify

.After my psychiatrist appiontment we decided to add 0.5mg of abilify to my 3mg risperidone to see how I handle abilify. Next month if all goes well we will lower the risperidone by 50 as he said 0.5mg is the equivalent of 1.5mg of risperidone. The goal is to move completely to abilify but will see maby everything will be fine on 1.5mg risperidone and 0.5mg abilify. What sort of side effects did or do you experience on abilify He said I might experience inner restelessness had that with fluonxol but he said its not as bad on abilify. Hoping the change works out for me and that I dont relapse but we taking it slow and increased monotoring which is why I see him next month. Only problem is I might need to pay out of pocket for the extra sessions with him but we still trying to work that out with the medical aid I am paying for.


why are you switching to abilify? from respiridone?

low libido abilify suppose to lower the prolactin thats causing it


Ah ok. Good luck @MisterCrowley :slight_smile: hope it goes well for you

Just remember the minimum dose of abilify is 10mg.

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I think he wants to move me to minimum dose, 1mg seems to be same as 3mg risperidone

1mg of abilify is like being off meds. It’ll do nothing.


1mg of Abilify is not equivalent to 3mg of risperidone.
1mg of Abilify is a nonexistent dose!

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in the uk the lowest tablet they actually make is 5 mg they don’t go lower than that.

I wonder if there will still be side effects on 1mg…

ill see if i can get away with 0.5mg abilify and 1.5mg risperidone I like risperidone in terms of its mood stabilising properties

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the dose converters say its same, is 1mg really low what dose are you on?

your right was meant to say 5mg

Good luck mate, Im sure it will work out great :slight_smile:

The highest dose of Abilify I was on was 27mg but my regular dose was 15 to 20mg.

I am currently on 4mg of risperidone.

Again, 1mg of Abilify will do nothing for you!

I was on 4mg risperidone before they lowered. Im actually hoping things will work out on the 5mg abilify 1.5mg risperidone switch as want to keep some risperidone have no positive symptoms on it


I took 30mg of abilify before for a few months, used to be on 3mg risperidone. I ended up working out alot and having many partners. I would never do it again tho lol. I think i went down to 175 lbs and my muscles started showing again along with everything slimming down. I had to wear my pants from when i was a teenager.

Im back on risperidone and back to my lazy self, i prefer it.

It also didnt help much for my voices, just made them manic.

Good luck @MisterCrowley! :slightly_smiling_face:

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seems mixing the two would work better then best of both world ill see how it goes

thanks 15151515

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