Dropping risperidone dose

Hi I relapse when we switched from risperidone to ability. I’m back on the risperidone 3mg and been stable for a year. I’m very stable on risperidone with no symptoms. Unfortunately the side effects are that I have no libido and some weight gain. I started a new dose of 2.5mg which I am going to be on for six months before we see if we can lower to 2mg. I’ve been on 2.5mg for five days and noticed I’m eating and smoking a bit less. Libido still the same. Do you think the 0.5mg decrease will make a difference to my side effects? It’s such a small decrease and I’m wondering if it’s not just a place to effect for me.

I went from 256mg of invega all the way down to 117mg and I notice no difference

We’re you on risperidone before? Is the invega better side effect wise than risperidone?

I have less positive symptoms on invega than on risperidone but my sleep is alot worse

And libido wise is there a difference between the two because they both increase prolactin.

I haven’t noticed a difference I have poor libido with both

I’m hoping the drop makes some difference other than the side effects the risperidone is working excellent for me. There’s nothing else good I can switch to that will be covered by my medical aid. I can afford out of pocket but it will be a grudge purchase.work is good and earn decent amount. Other than side effects I live a normal life hopefully lowering will make side effectless

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Thats what I did. I was at 4mg of risperdal and went down by half a milligram every five days. I just recently got off of it, so we’ll see how it goes.

What medication are you taking in it’s place. I get withdrawals when I lower dose which is why only dropping half a miligram at a time

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Sorry to hear the Abilify didn’t work for you. Same happened to me - one way trip to hospital and no drivers license for a further 6 months!

I take caplyta (lumateperone), and its just one dosage, 42mg. I’ve been taking it for a month after getting it cleared with the insurance company.