Will 10mg of abilify lower prolactin compared to 5mg and lower?

I was on 5mg of abilify for prolacting but stopped after two months. Now I want to try 10mg for good, but don’t want to lower prolacting anymore.

Idk if Abilify really lowers prolactin or more likely its just neutral which means it doesnt raise prolactin vs other antipsychotics. I had a Prolactin and Testosterone blood test 2 days ago, I will find out if my 6mg Risperdal is causing hormonal problems.

Yes you can try. I currently take 5mg.

4mg Risperidone gave me extremely elevated prolactin along with other dangerous unwanteds despite killing my positives completely.

Had to switch but it’s definitely a thing for a lot of people on risperidone.

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Didn’t try 10mg to lower prolactin, but after being on 5mg for about 6 months, had a blood test and it wasn’t doing anything