If you were the opposite sex?


Lol that is what I would be i suppose.:smile:


If I was the opposite sex. My father would have been happier. He already had two sons. He had two daughters after me. So he did get his girls.


Are you serious? I’m veggie and overweight. Not due to meds.


I’d swing my schwong. :smiley:

I would love to be able to pee standing up too. And I would be able to buy a ton of cool clothes without having to worry about whether or not they would fit in the breast area, so that would be nice.


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Being a girl and then to a guy, I would be gay or forever single. I would take advantage of all the perks a guy might have over a girl and run for president. LOL!


I’d write my name in the snow!!


Alright so I want to throw some obtuse thinking in there…

If all the dudes are turning into girls and becoming lesbians… couldn’t they just get it out of the way and start dating each other now?

I mean that’s the irony… I don’t think I’d be happy with a person who has a man-soul… like it’d have to be the woman-soul from the get go in there… else there will be no trusting the settling of the mystery… as to the nature of what the woman soul is… the only major thing in life that is foreign to me… and from I can tell… always will be unless I find one who will start peeling off her onion for me… Like all the way down… what is really going on in there? What is really wanted?

That’s all I want to know… I won’t have a relationship if a girl is keeping up walls… I deal with enough of that everywhere than to invite it into my bed room.


I’d take 5 minute showers because I wouldn’t have to comb through masses of curly mess everyday haha! I’d also never buy another bra ever again, which is self explanatory but definitely worth mentioning because bras are the wooooorst things ever! Other than that I’d probably be the same. I’m not a very girly or masculine person :woman_shrugging:t4:


There is a game on facebook that makes a pic of you opposite sex pic. I am a girl and it made me not handsome old man. I think i would become a pastor.


I would deliberately make every guy I met miserable. Isn’t that the best thing about being a woman?


Miserable or happy :smiley:


bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh if i was a girl oh my god i would be dressing so ■■■■■■■ cute and would smell so nice and lovely and be so adorable and coordinate every outfit perfectly and have amazing hair and would be such a hoe


i think beyonce wrote a son about this when i was in middle school, here, let me link it


I love this song!!


I just saw who I’d be as a man at the shops. He was tall and had a man bun and a pointy moustache and a nose ring and was wearing a suit without the jacket. Super effing cool.

We were both buying pasta sauce. Yep, that was me as a man.


I was raised by my dad. Don’t do the shopping thing


Tru dat. Those toilet seats are cold in winter


I would probably still have schizophrenia, so my life would still be (shit). I just don’t have the same drive or optimism my sister had being a black person and growing up and stuff, I probably wouldn’t have made it in my current environment. In other words, I would have fell through the cracks maybe even worse than I currently have . And my parents would probably have bullied me growing up, as a guy they gave me some space, but with my sister they were more domineering/overbearing. She found her way out because she’s really smart and optimistic and has triumphed. Without those qualities being a girl I think I would have led a very difficult life.