If you were the opposite sex?


What would you be like? :thinking::thinking:

I’d be a total gentleman. Drive an audi, work in business, have a like-minded girlfriend. Vegan and fit! I would be very picky!


This word is not in a man’s vocabulary. Meat & protein is.


I dunno, if I was good looking enough I’d prolly be a goth emo chick.

EDIT: I mean if I could pull off the look. IDK.


I think I’d be basically the same as I am now, haha. Weirdo nerd with maybe a more short but burly aesthetic.


That’s not true! I know a lot of males on Instagram who are vegan!


Probably a minority of men who are skinny or something. You need meat & protein for muscle mass.


I would be a hippie girl. Probably have dreadlocks.


A romantic and sensitive guy, with long hair
And pale skin like kind of like a Twilight character.


Let’s not get into this argument. There are a lot of vegan male athletes!


I’d definetely have blue hair.


Is this some movie fantasy from star wars?


I would be into makeup and clothes and shoes…haha…isn’t that what a woman loves? oh jewelry too…with big real diamonds…


Not necessarily. Some women are like that.


No lol. I’d probably have a different hair colour every month.


I’d be a hippie chick too.
I’d have really long hair and a nose ring, and maybe one or two small tattoos.


If I was a hottie, I would be a gold digger :stuck_out_tongue:


More or less the same… from this side of the fence I’m assuming I’d still be inclined to date women…

I guess that means… that I can’t blame the bi girls I know for being so difficult.


If I were a man without chronic illnesses, I would be a CEO of my own business with a clean and fit appearance. Actually as a woman I’d still like to be a CEO of my own business. Before I got the diagnosis I had been preparing to build up my own company.


I guess men like the unconventional??

I am happy with the way I am right now other than the illness :woman_facepalming:t2:


I’d have a man bun and a beard and play guitar and be ecstatic every time I got to pee standing up.