If you were the opposite sex?




I am definately glad to be a female. Based on the other men on my family, I would have more hair on my body than on my head. But I would be big and probably on the football team, which is cool.


I’d be clean shaven and meticulous about my appearance. Kind of like Matthew McConaughey in those car commercials, with the watch and spiffy car and everything. I’d probably be successful, but not a workaholic. I’d buy my lady flowers and do nice things for her to show her that I care, but I’d also be a manly man who wouldn’t be afraid to get his hands dirty and fix a toilet or build a tree house for the kids.


I feel like women are smarter than men. So I would enjoy that.

I have issues with my weight as a man. I can only imagine being 40 pounds overweight as a woman would be a nightmare.

I would also enjoy the freedom to choose my hair color. Dying it, styling it, etc.

Finally I would hope to be a woman with a nice set of thighs, and a great ass.


Good to know I guess :expressionless:


Go for the man bun!


I don’t think I would be much different than I am now. I would definitely have had lots of girlfriends in my younger years. Just like I did for real, in my younger years. I definitely would not be an Avon rep though. I’d probably be an insurance rep. Or a real estate agent. I probably would have been much happier in life than I was as a female.


Probably be higher functioning due to estrogen.


If I were a guy then my dad would have wanted to be my friend and take me with my other brothers for burgers fries and a slice of pie when we went out to the only not-so-local mall around.
As it was because I was a (the only) girl, I had to go with my mom, and she brought from home, only a couple slices of (now very) cold buttered toast for lunch.
It’s ok, I love toast.


Hell, I would make a terrible woman. I would just sit at home all day playing with my breasts. Yippee! Lets hear it for breasts!


I’d be a lesbian and date kate McKinnon.


I’d probably be a mean bitch, attractive, yet cold and rude.

Wait I’m like that now :thinking:


What is the opposite of me??? x files theme starts playing in the background :thinking:

But nah if I had grown up as the opposite sex I would have either loved it or hated it. But more than likely I would have hated it


I’m genderfluid so it’s almost like I’m both. If I was born a boy I would probably still be genderqueer.


I would have sex with myself


Judging by my male physique, I think I would be decently endowed in the bosom area. I have literally no idea how the rest of me would translate, other than I would be a chubby woman.

I suppose some things would be harder and some would be easier. I don’t see how I could be into guys as a woman. Because then I wouldn’t still be me. I would possibly have to have better vocal skills to do Industrial music because girls can’t growl as far as I know.


I would probably touch my self to recognise my new awesome body!! xD
Also I think women can have everything they want, like one day a woman who was sitting next to me started to talking to me and when I realised I was buying her a pizza ! So probably I can use this huge women advantage to have a lot of free meals
Sorry if my English is bad I am from Colombia and I am new at this community , I was diagnosed​ with paranoid schizophrenia one year ago


I’d wear a long beard and longish hair to my shoulders, and wear jeans and a shirt and flip flops (and a long top and turban when i go to mosque), and I’d get a job suitable for me, like writing or library or work in a shop. Drive a beetle or a mini.

In short, I’d be a hippie Muslim guy instead of a hippie Muslim girl lol! :smile:


I would have been higher functioning, the rest would have been the same.


You could always be a lesbian! :smile: