Life would would have been so much different if I looked more masculine

Don’t care now, but just saying it would have been. Feel happy about myself now regardless


I’m a manly woman, so maybe femmie men are ok too?


couldn’t imagine what a manly woman’s life would be like

Anyway Im procrastinating so hard right now

It’s pretty cool, you know, I get to express myself and not feel too oppressed by difference.

Are you symptomatic at all?

Ahh, yeah sometimes, mainly negative symptoms, but I have intrusive thoughts too, like automatic voice one word command or something like that.

you could grow a beard and do some weightlifting. :muscle:

I think you look pretty masculine @crsaen it might just be in your head

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If you want, I could share my “swole bro knowledge” with you, or my “sick and dangerous routine”, or my “sane and straight edge routine”, or my “retired but will still ■■■■ you up good” routine, or my “underground” routine (it was the worst) or my “noisy cricket” routine.

Noisy cricket was metal

small and very powerful. Looks can be deceiving.

Bro you don’t look femine, I would not hit on you and I’ve hit on some pretty gnarly girls :japanese_ogre:

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