I think it's finally sunk in... guilt can be triggering

Continuing the discussion from Getting too intense… It’s guilt I bet:

I’ve been so exhausted being a wall. I just had a flip out over the rain… not like me at all. It’s like a pressure cooker. IT just keeps building up. I have to stop being a wall. I have to step down before I fall down.

The sneaky brained thinking… the flip out last night, the anger at the rain today… I have to make amends before I get worse. I have to get over my catastrophic thinking and just let the chipmunks work it out. I thought I was getting better at this. But obviously not. I have been trying to be understanding with my youngest brother, but in the end, I see it now… I haven’t been very realistically supportive.

Maybe he’ll actually do better with his old chipmunk friend back in his life… what ever the outcome… It’s finally sunk in… it’s not my decision to make.


That’s a very wise and mature realization that you’ve come to. I’m proud of you for recognizing the trigger and stopping it from knocking you down!




Well done James, I think that you’ve come to a good realisation.

It’s okay, I’m sure you’re brother will be okay with you and would still appreciate your input. I understand you were just trying to protect both of them in your own way.

Don’t be too hard on yourself,
Take care,


Yes, but you seem to have accidentally done the right thing. You gave him the worst case scenario - it’s all her fault, she’s bad for you, you must avoid her completely for the rest of your life. And he didn’t like the idea! So he’s going to have sort out what HE’s doing wrong.

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Thank you for that. He really didn’t like the idea. I did feel like a bit of a bully doing that. But the two chipmunks are slowly starting to mend the bridge.

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