My bro and his gf split

I’m relieved cos she deserves better.


Hope she finds someone special


Is he threatening self harm again?


I hope not she hasn’t mentioned it.


You sure don’t hold your brother in high esteem.

What’s so bad about him?


Let’s just say what I went through a similar suicidal situation his response was good kill yourself … Id be happy so yeah I care about him but if he’s gonna threaten his girlfriend with suicide every time she tries to leave…

Tells me im mental and doesn’t want me under the same roof as him so tried to kicks me out of mums home

She did it! Hoping the best for her! That takes strength, dignity, and courage!

Is your brother ok?


Wow not only he’s not empathetic, he sounds like a little schemer too.

Sorry you have to put up with such a person…

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Yeah I think so going to party tonight

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Don’t mean to impose but he sounds like he has alot of traits from the dark triad

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What’s the dark triad?

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Where narcissism, psychopathy & overall malevolence lie

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Funny how so many diagnosis-free people go around acting insane like it’s normal.

Threatening yourself to keep someone is about as low as it gets.


I mean he feels guilt, I have seen it… but i don’t know how he is to the fullest extent as I am new to him being like this too…

I think I’m very empathetic but I don’t feel guilt, moreover I don’t accept guilt, and therefore don’t feel it. If I’m guilty I’ll admit it, but don’t try guilting me into something, it won’t work. Strange?



I’m so confused :flushed:

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That’s a brilliant headspace to be in. Having empathy & feeling guilty can so easily overlap each other.

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