I’m planning on quitting caffeine, but not sure. Anyone quit caffeine?

I don’t know yet. I like coffee but I’d like to try a brake from all caffeine.

I did, I think I sleep a little better and the people in my head have substantially less of a grip. About a month and a half now. I also had the experience of realizing what I have been doing to my life.

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Yes, for 15 minutes.

[ slurps ]


Thanks @eek

I feel like a change. I’m in a good mood but I think my mood could be better. I lose my temper a lot.

I think it may help.

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Books like this were extremely helpful for me and I do them on an ongoing basis.


Good luck.


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I feel like the posion is in the dose with caffeine, maybe green/black tea would be okay. It’s good to take a break every so often regardless


I couldn’t be without at least one cup of tea a day
I like coffee enough but can take it or leave it


I completely quit decades ago except chocolate. Helped panic attacks.

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Well it’s been a few days. I feel exhausted but very calm.

Coffee stops the natural production of Adenosine.

I can feel the adenosine raising in my body every day. They even use adenosine for patients with heart disease and stuff like that.

@robertc , I’m not even eating chocolate. Even before this chocolate messed with my stomach. Maybe my body had enough of caffeine.

I’ll keep going. I’m having ginger and honey tea instead.

Caffeine and coffee are great for raising testosterone and I’ve read many studies about it. So I’m using ginger for testosterone boost, seeing as I’m quitting caffeine.

My hormones are normal, I’m just saying.

I’ll keep updating.

I would never quit coffee

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I find it useful/helpful tbh

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Caffeine IS not a problem for me. I Can take 8 or 10 coffee by day without problems. I take instant coffee.

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I quit once, didn’t really feel a difference but my panic disorder got better. But I was drinking 8 cups a day. Now I only drink instant once or twice a day.


I’ve noticed I’m a bit slower on PlayStation. Slow but getting faster on reaction time. I’m playing grand turismo 7 with a full wheel and peddle setup.

I’m more calm , slow yet faster ? Hard to explain.

I’ll keep going. My energy is slowly coming back.

For example.

When driving with my hands on the wheel on PlayStation, my hands move quicker than my brain perceives it. Like my minds still slow but my body is reacting quicker.

I gave in and had a coffee. The build up of adenosine was getting to me. I was exhausted, I needed a coffee.

I will try again maybe in the future.

But it feels good having a proper ground coffee after a whiles break.

I had withdrawal symptoms from quitting caffeine that were similiar to nicotine withdrawals.

It’s not hard but definitely takes practice.

Don’t give up !

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Good idea !
I quitted not for a long time, physically i was a little bit fitter without coffee.
How i went out of the bed for that time i don’t remember.

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Thanks @DNA

I will try again in the future but the adenosine is a strong chemical for me.

I loved the calming feeling, slept very deeply and felt well rested. Just the adenosine takes a while for my brain to adapt to it. I will retry again in a few months.

Hats off to you guys for quitting. :grin:

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