I'm considering quitting nicotine and caffeine

I have quit nicotine over a year ago and I noticed that I felt calmer over all. I started again because of stress. I did still drink coffee when I quit nicotine.

I’m considering quitting both of these substances, maybe I would feel better.


I’ve quit smoking for 12 days. I’m using nicotine patches and mouth spray.


I should probably do one at a time. I think I’ll start with caffeine.


Did you quit nicotine while you were on antipsychotics?



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caffeine block adenosine receptor resulting in an increase in dopamine which could exacerbate psychosis. regarding smoking you definitely have to quit. there is researches about using varenicline and bupropion in smoking cessation

I quit cigarettes and caffeine. My wallet says Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I quit nicotine in 2007 and coffee in 2018. It was very good choices to get rid of these vices.


Yeah it’s best to quit nicotine consumption for certain.

I quit smoking decades ago but I’m not about to quit drinking coffee.

If you decide to quit these substances, make sure you quit one at a time.
Don’t attempt to quit both at the same time.
I personally would start with nicotine


Never had much issue with nicotine. I tried smoking a period, but quit because it was awful.

I’ve been off caffeine quite a while now. I am more stable with calm mind. Feel like I have much better impulse control, and control over thoughts in general. I may never drink caffeine again.

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I think the nicotine is always harmful because of lung and cancer issues so quitting nicotine would definatly be a plus. caffiene is healthy especially as a cup or two of coffee a day. more than that it gets to interfere with sleep and anxiety issues and my pulse goes up etc.

I want to stop smoking, I don’t know how I’m going to do it, I’m addicted bad I can’t control myself

Nicotine and caffeine are often used to as addictive substitutes for meds someone is trying to quit. I’ve seen Psych Wards encourage nicotine and pour the coffee like there’s no tomorrow. So basically a good idea is to find a harmless addiction to replace nicotine and caffeine. I will admit however that’s hard to find.

The universe gifted me with a quit. In some small way, possibly I paved the way to get such a gift.

Now, my work is to protect my quit.

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