I hate being ugly

it really gets me down in the dumps.
By the end of this year I wont be ugly anymore though cos I wudda lost weight. I will be BMI of 20 and I would have started my hair removal treatment im really nervous about it I hope it works out. so tired of being ugly

I think that’s one reason Why I get depersonalisation

depersonalisation sucks out my good soul and tramples it on the floor


but ill never be perfect.

its all goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood :rofl:

Who told you that you were ugly? If it was another girl then she is probably jealous.

Some guys.

Such mean people in this world

You have to be ‘perfect’ to please some people its like no thanku go away

They were probably trying to get under your skin. I’m sure you’re not ugly

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I do nt know what theire intentions were tbh

I mean I know Im ugly doesn’t mean people have to look down on u for being ugly

at least im a beautiful person

doesn’t matter if im ugly

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That’s all that matters

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If you think of 1 strand of your dna and how intricate that design is being ugly wouldn’t matter. And no human being has the exact same dna. I’m not saying that you’re ugly. I’m just sayin that everyone is valued


Everyone knows that outside beauty fades

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I’m fat and I don’t care. I used to. I’m still pretty


Yeah I have not kissed a girl since 2006. And today I learned that I have more in common with the mentally ■■■■■■■■ than i thought. : )

(M.R. is the term they use in the hospital, I’m not being ignorant i hope you can see.)

yea I need to learn to not care. that’s the way to go

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on this website the word MR is not appreciated. some people are sensitive to it.

I think it has negative connotations

and yeh I have not been with a guy ever tbh

those two times I have been don’t count as they were utter toxic

Its not my fault and i don’t humiliate easily. There’s got to be some value to me in that sense.

Life’s really hard. But I haven’t seen a pic of you i didn’t mean to presume that you’re as far away from the opposite sex as I an.

Well being healthy is important but you know what I mean. I’m not saying I don’t care so I’ll just dress like a slob but I have issues with food and I’m not gonna lose 100 pounds (45 kg) overnight

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like u wont let it affect ur confidence? in that sense. cos that’s wat I need to work on

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ok. I thought my reveal would be the lead.

Im confused


No problem if it upset YOU the person I was talking to then I will edit it out.

No. After you get to a certain age (I’m 43) you stop caring what people think about you. That comes with realizing that everyone is different and has different talents and skills.

Also my dad has raised female pigs on his farm and I thought one day ,”You know? They don’t care if they’re ugly. And they don’t care if they’re fat. And they’re content.” Believe it or not that changed my outlook.

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