I got 9 hours sleep using Promethazine!

I have been struggling with sleep for a long time.

My doc says I can take 25-50mg of this drug, but 25mg got me 9 hours sleep without waking at all during the night

I am so happy!

Literally I have not slept through the night for a few months.

Fingers crossed it continues

I have tried Zopiclone, Zolpidiem, Levomepromazine and Diazepam for sleep, but none helped properly

This one does not make you feel rotten in the morning either!


Great news. As you say, fingers crossed it continues to work.

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Interesting, I have sleep problems too, what is Promethazine? Benzo/AD/AP or something else???

I developed a tolerance to zolepidem after a few nights, Trazodone didn’t work at all, antihistamines like benadryl and Unisom are not all that effective for me. Ativan works well for me but i don’t want to be hooked on benzos if I can avoid it.

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It’s generic Phenergan. A common nausea med.


Congrats for finding something that works

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I looked it up, it’s an antihistamine. No wonder you slept for 9 hours, it has a half life of 10-19 hours.

I think I might ask my doctor about it. Thanks for sharing!


Lucky you! Felt nothing on 50mg. So I switched to chlorprotixene.

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Second night only 7 hours.

Still better than the 3 I was getting

That was sleeping right through as well

Need to sort out the time I go to bed, as 8/9pm is far too early.

This will be the real test I think

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I was on Levomepromazine (Nozinan) and that was great, but it made me feel like utter ■■■■ the next day

That’s great news! I hope it continues to work


I’d take 7, I only got 3.5 last night.

I hope you can find something to help you

It took nearly two months for my treatment team to sort this out properly


I’ve made an appointment with my doctor but he’s all booked up until next week. I am going to ask him for a prescription. Worth a shot. I’ve tried trazodone and gabapentin and they didn’t do anything.

I used to take Zopiclone but it made me feel tired the next day. Also it gave me a metal taste in my mouth so everything tasted bad.

Zopiclone only helps when i take it early, not as instructed.

i sleep longer when i take hydroxyzine, oddly when id take giant doses of it my sleep wouldnt be very good and id feel bad, but when i take the prescribed dose its effective

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@Joker How was your 3rd night?

Hey @Headspark It wasn’t too bad thanks.

I woke a few times, but went straight back to sleep

Before I was getting agitated, and then getting up and not going back to sleep

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I spoke with my doctor today, he prescribed me Promethazine 50mg. I’ll try it for a few nights, first with 25mg then maybe with 50mg, see if it works…

Glad your going to give it a go

As far as I am concerned, it’s a good alternative

Good luck @Headspark - I hope it works for you

I am doing fine on 25mg, but I can take 50mg

So far I have been waking odd times at night, but being going back to sleep

A big problem before was I got agitated when I woke at night, and wouldn’t be able to sleep again

That has stopped

All the best