Sleeping better finally!

i waited it out and have been sleeping better for the past week… i actually slept 11 hours last night, without waking up in the middle of the night. hopefully it stays this way, today is day 37 without a smoke, and i think the withdrawal period is over.

now the problem is im sleeping too much haha.


That’s great
I sleep very well on clozapine but trying to stay up later as I’m more relaxed in evening and I like to be tired the next day so I can rest easily if you know what I mean


That’s good to hear, I’ve come to realize how important sleep is. With it I can deal with anything, a few days without it and I can’t function at all.

I sleep “ok” with 1.5mg of clonazepam. Typically between 5-7 hours, sometimes I am able to go back to sleep for an additional hour or two.

But even though, ideally, I would like 8 hours. I still feel pretty good with less sleep. I think the clonazepam is the reason why. When I was on other sleeping pills only sleeping 5-7 hours a night I didn’t feel nearly as good.

Ever since quitting olanzapine 2 months ago I can’t sleep at all, at least not without a sleeping pill.

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I sleep good each night. My only problem is drinking coffee too late in the day sometimes so that keeps me up for a while at night.

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good stuff!

i have been taking sleeping tablets every day this week.

i take immovane and golly they are expensive.

$30 for 20 i think it was.

they help me so much though.

if im feeling overwhelmed or a touch psychotic i take one too and usually wake up feeling better.


I’m glad to hear your getting more sleep. I’ve just been prescribed promethazine which is an antihistamine and supposedly helps sleep. Hasn’t helped yet but im still giving it a shot.

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Yeah, I was on immovane (7.5mg zopiclone) for about 2 months, had to pay for it too. it always worked but only put me to sleep for 5 hours, almost without fail, very occasionally I would sleep 7 hours. 5 hours wasn’t good enough so I had to switch to clonazepam, which works better and for me is free so double win.


I typically sleep pretty well each night, I’m fortunate to be able to sleep consistently while having sz. I think, the key for me, is that I don’t take naps during the day. This helps me sleep through the night.

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I take Delta 8 THC that I get at my local smoke shop. Puts me to sleep like a charm every night. Before this, I had a lot of trouble sleeping almost every night. Even with Delta 8 THC I sometimes arise too early like at 4 am. When that happens I take my morning AP (Geodon), eat breakfast, and about an hour later, I’m back to sleep again.


I’ve heard you mention Delta 8 THC several times. I keep meaning to look into it more. Do you get high off it at all or does it just put you to sleep? I would like to try it but I am scared about becoming psychotic. I haven’t smoked weed in years, but about a year ago I took what I thought was CBD, but it was a CBD/THC mix and I got a buzz. I didn’t become psychotic but it made me paranoid for a few hours.


It would have the ability to make me paranoid if I stayed awake but I don’t. I go to sleep after taking it.

What I can suggest to you is to try it and see how it affects you. One dose of Delta 8 THC is only 0.03% THC so, it is a very miniscule amount of THC. If you try it and you fall asleep all night, you know you’re good. If you’re up all night paranoid, you’ll know you can’t take any more. There’s so little THC involved that it’ll leave your body quickly like within the day.

But if you have any trepidations at all about how you will react to it I suggest not taking it.


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