I forgot 'what's a psychopath'

just wondering because i watched a thing about it on ted talks and apparently it is more common than i thought,

was just worried because i am unsure if i am one or not,

(i dont want to be) lol

I don’t think you are.

I met a few in my life and they’re nothing like you.

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Remember folks… google is your friend (or is it :smiling_imp:)

a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

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idk, how do you know? how would you know?

there was a thing in the dsm that tells what the characteristics of a psychopath, but its not to be mixed up with sociopath because they are very similar

Its an over used term , its also used inaccurately


i know (part of the stigma)

we are not all psychopaths and sociopaths, like we dont murder people or anything,

I always interpreted it as someone with no morals and no empathy for other people. They don’t hesitate to use and abuse others to get what they want. They also have a tendency towards extreme violence.

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i think everybody has a different perspective, see i thought it was someone with no feelings or conscience so he doesnt feel regret or pain or grief etc

Seriously, my ex wife was a psychopath.

She lacked a conscience - or empathy for others.

She lied to me, stole from me, cheated on me and blamed others all of the time.

Thank God I am no longer married to her.


i wouldnt go near anyone like that, i hope if i ever find ‘the one’ that she doesnt turn in to some kind of controlling monster, i hope we can live together and share things.

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I think that there are good psychopaths as well as bad ones, just like there can be good cops and not so good cops, as there are these differences with people in all walks of life.

I think that after reading some of Steven King’s biography on Wikipedia, and after having seen him on a talk show many years ago, that he may be considered a good psychopath. This could have been the result of him witnessing one of his friends as a child get hit and killed by a train ( childhood trauma) as well as his father leaving the family suddenly one day, for his mother alone to care for, when he was young. The biography also states that his mother was employed at a mental health care facility for a time. Whatever, I really liked the movies “Misery” and the “Shinning” that he wrote books of.

If you have homicidal thoughts & idealation, you’re psychopathic. A legit psychopath is willing to will those homicidal fantasies into real life.

I think I’m slightly sociopathic in real life toward certain establishments and certain genres of people, but just about everyone has some kind of characteristic like that.

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My mother in law.



i wonder if i have those words written in one of my volumes, i have 3 volumes (i’m nearly finished the third but at the start of the disease i wonder if at any point they used those words in my notes (history)

i keep saying i want to look at them but i never do :confused: maybe i’ll just say ‘maybe’ one day but not now.

One thing to note, this is from personal experience- most psychopaths are not criminals and most criminals are not psychopaths.

The real psychopaths also say “■■■■ you” when told they are one.

I was told I was one when I was evaluated at 19. My current shrink thinks I have strong tendencies offset by nurture and my education (psychology).

When I was told I was one, I denied it, which confirmed it to be seemingly correct.

My friends at the time noted some antisocial on my part when I went through my insane unmediated uneducated days, so did my family and sister. I can be mean when I get pissed off, and I have taken the Hare psychopathy checklist a number of times and scored high yet not quite meeting the label of a full blown one. Well that’s okay, James Fallon is a neuroscientist who is a full blown one who studies the disorder and has done speeches I think a Ted talk or something.

It’s not that huge of a deal if you are aware of it.

And thinking you are one without shrinks telling you that you are one means you’re probably not one.


i might not be one now but what about off meds? thats a whole other kettle of fish :confused: i can get pretty (----------) fill the blank when i dont take my meds,

psychotic is the word bc we take ‘antipsychotic medication’ so what does that tell us?

Psychosis confounds diagnosis of psychopathy


fifteen characters


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopathy (fits everything in Million’s book, see http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/992083.Psychopathy)

If there is a demarcation between the professional’s use of “antisocial” vs. (the supposedly more behaviorally conditioned) “sociopath” or (the supposedly more genetically predisposed) “psychopath,” it’s largely an issue of degree of autonomic nervous system imbalance.

Antisocials tend toward emotional reactivity and fight or flight; sociopaths and psychopaths tend toward “lizard brain” coldness and lack of autonomic reactivity.

cc: @onceapoet @asgoodasitgets

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its difficult to measure the person you are just now to the person you should be, whether that is good or bad is a different story, but is the person we should be the person we want to be? i dont think so, we try to to bury that person,

i wish i could just talk to that part of me that is uncontrollable and talk some sense in to it, but it is impossible because i am too far gone, i cant function without it, you would be amazed by the transformation :confused: jekyll and hyde is an understatement thats for sure.