Have you met people who do not feel any empathy

I have met few in the past. I think these people who not feel empathy toward other people are the worst people there are.


I have too, I thought people like this are considered psychopaths or sociopaths, because they do and get what they want, regardless of what they do to other people

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I don’t feel empathy. I never have. And I recognize this as one of my biggest shortcomings. I’ve spent a lot of effort learning to ‘act’…


I think there is a difference between a person that is not capable of feeling empathy and a person who chooses to ignore empathy.

Some people cannot help that they lack empathy (some people with autism/other mental illness).

Some people are selfish buttheads.

I do think it is important to be wise around those who lack empathy.

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I feel empathy a little less than others but more empathy after relating to someone in some way. Like the alkies at AA. I feel sorry for them. Guys walking around memphis asking me if I have a minute while Im pumping gas? What do they want, a hospital visit? Im trying to buy gas and cigs, not there to give people money for nothing. Memphis is dangerous as hell, if you talk to a stranger who is looking for people at gas stations and places like that, you might get shot. I know a guy who was shot in the throat at a gas station, he’s ok now but his voice is messed up a little bit.

But I do feel empathy for fellow mentally ill people to a strong degree. Except for the obnoxious anti-psychiatry people who think that they’re wizards. ■■■■ them. There are a couple of them who occasionally get on here and post nonsense, long long essays of nonsense, but are coherent when you tell them they need meds and love to argue.

I sometimes wonder if some people just enjoy being insane and think they’re exempt from life because of it. Not my style. I told myself I was playing life on the “insane” difficulty setting when I was at my worst, and I made real world achievements that no one can take away from me.

I do feel empathy, I just have some mild psychopathic traits like thrill seeking, not learning from mistakes easily and getting angry at people rather easily. My psychologist said no psychopath calls themselves a psychopath and that I have slight deviant traits but nothing seriously wrong with me in that regard. I was just beyond the pathological threshold for psychopathic deviance on the MMPI-2, I scored 75 and the cutoff for normal people is 70.

But if someone wrongs me I instantly hate them. I don’t forgive, I get vengeance, and its orgasmic.

But no, I’ve never met a true psychopath…my sister has very low levels of empathy, she has said she hates me tons of times and when I ask why she responds with “because you were born!”. She has Bipolar and refuses mood stabilizers. I just avoid her for the most part.

I have a lot of empathy towards the voiceless in our society - the disabled, the elderly, the sick, children, animals. I have very little tolerance for power hungry authority type figures who show no mercy to others

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I knew one guy when I was younger. he didn’t demonstrate any empathy. He would steal from his close friends and family all the time and justify it. Also hurt people occasionally, including so called friends. I heard he turned out okay later in life though.

I have met a few people with even less empathy then me when I was at my worst. There was a time where nothing really hit me or made me care. I was too numb to care. I just did what I wanted and justified it. I don’t like myself from those days. I was not a good person then.

I’ve worked on it, I’ve grown and I’m more how I was before I was at my worst. Now I do have empathy.

There are a few I’ve met who have no empathy, not due to illness or meds, just due to how they are. Very chilling people.

I have not found anyone with true empathy. They cannot understand because they have never been here. However, sympathy is plentiful, as long as you do not expect them to understand. Then the sympathy ends. As for me, I merely want to be understood. Instead I get… " Well, I know the experience is real… to you". Therein my experiences are minimized. I guess I cannot ever expect to be understood and therein experience empathy from anyone. I do not want sympathy, there is no help or healing in it.

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