When you think you're a psychopath, you're almost definitely not

Sometimes I’ll have disturbing, violent thoughts , like “I must _____” or “I will ______” and it makes me think I’m a psychopath or something. If this happens to you, my piece of advice is that, if you check your actual, real, literal intentions, you’re probably not intending to do it. My guess is that a psychopath is someone who doesn’t even find the thoughts disturbing and is actually planning to act on them.

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I psychopath has no filter.

I tend to believe that most people occasionally have violent, disturbing thoughts, but they have enough sense not to act on any of them, nor would they tell others because they wouldn’t want others to think they were dangerous.

I don’t understand what is wrong with people who can’t maintain safe boundaries with regards to the safety of everyone involved.
It’s a sad day in America when you step out of your house to go shopping, or to a school/work/social function, and wonder if you’ll get to come home alive and in one piece.

America the great has become America the shamefully reckless, and we are our own worst enemies.

My therapist and I talked about that. We congratulated humanity’s self control and all.

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I actually found the idea behind the first The Purge movie to be quite disturbing.

I’ve met a couple of guys who cheerfully admitted they’re sociopaths, and I met one guy who cheerfully said he had no morals. I didn’t test them. I guess if they say they’re sociopaths they probably are.

My problem is is that I can come across as one. I’m sure one of the staff at the hospital said “He’s a psychopath”. What about the people treating me, of course not all of them.

I feel like the term psychopath has been overused to the point it could refer to someone who cut you in line at the airport or fillped you off in traffic.

What I understand about these sorts or people, actualy psycho/sociopaths is that they are often so good at manipulating others that that they can easilly blend in, even in my experience be likeable and thus often untouchable. They can make bank on Wall Street or with the cartels just the same.

Or hell live out of a van selling drugs and spend all their hundreds of thousands on not getting caught and setting up people in high standing.

I would maybe rephrase this as, if you’re worried that you might be or are distressed at the thought that you might be a psychopath, you’re definitely not.

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I’ve wondered in the past if I’m a sociopath but I’m just a normal psycho who is loving, caring with stockholm syndrome and slightly retarded.

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I apparently I have “Tobacco Use Disorder”

We’ve gone over the cliff fellow lemmings…

Gee I don’t know maybe I’ve just always been a heavy smoker. I didn’t realize it was a disorder.

Best TED talk I’ve ever watched.

my opinion? a psychopath acts on their violent thoughts, without actually fully understanding why they are wrong to do so, since the clinical definition of psychopathy is the inability to feel remorse, or empathy as well as several other key emotions. I think some doctor once said Psychopaths, true psychopaths not media labeled ones, feel no emotion at all, and have difficulty understanding right and wrong because of this.

Anyway, if I acted on all of my violent thoughts…or even 5% of them…there would be a LOT of dead or horribly disfigured people out there…most of them would be child abusers and rapists…