I don't think this dating thing is for me

Seriously two days ago I was all for it. I wanted to date, got myself a profile on Tinder but this evening I feel ■■■■ and I’m just about to delete it. You’re gonna think this is funny. I thought this guy was decent and then all of a sudden he started showing his pants? i mean what the hell? I will never find anybody at this rate.

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I cancelled my appointment with my psychiatrist because of this new job and now I realise I am not well at all.

Perhaps ,

But Why Do You Think That (???)

I don’t know if its depression or parania.I get down very quicky… small things trigger…

Hmm ,

I Fynde That When I Am About To Be Within A Pointlessly Chaotic Reality ,

That (now this doesn’t mean meditation thaz different) ,

But I Fynde It Better To Focus Inside Or Outside With A Way To Fynde ACTUAL Peace ,

A Cloud Far Away ,

Or A Nyse Memory Of Personal Sorts ,

Your Heart is Beating and Such So Focus On Something Outside Of Tha Paranoia ,

and Thaz In an Of Itself May Seem Impossible ,

But There Is Always A Way To Escape Bullshazzle …

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What do you mean he showed you his pants? I don’t get it

He was probably hoping she’d be willing to get the wrinkles out.

Or more realistically he was showing off his bulge.

imo i dont think tinder is for you…
tinder is more towards getting laid than looking for relationship


Not in that sense no. He was just mucking about…I don’t know what he was on about he wore his pants on his arms… It was awkward…

I just googled tinder, it says naughty dating. Lol. Did you kick him in his special place?

What? That’s very strange.

Very strange.

I unmatched him after talking to him a few minutes. it got boring i mean he’s 31 for gods sake.

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how old are you? I think in my opinion it’s best to meet people at events? from my experience, if you like to go out and have a good time, socialize. There are a lot of events happening on Facebook. But I don’t think you should give up that quickly. Maybe take it slowly and take your time getting to know someone before giving out your phone number.

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I thought I’d try because my brother found an amazng girl on there… it worked for him

I’m 30 its hard for me as I am not so social

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my dad always told me guys mature really slowly. Have you tried talking to a little older crowd? more successful people in late 30s? They will be in a different place in their lives at that point. More serious. what do you think?

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Funny! I thought you meant something else. If he’s not for you, he’s not for you, but it sounds like a missed attempt to be funny/charming. One of the people I dated who I ended up loving most showed up with a dozen long-stemmed noses. The nostrils worked as pencil sharpeners. A goof, but a truly sweet guy.

Finding the right person can take a while, and even once you find them, there’s gonna be some bumps and awkwardness. Hope you feel better soon.

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I guess so. It’s incredibly hard to find someone at that age who is unmarried but I wouldn’t say no if I found the right person.


join the single hopeless club, the chairman position is up for grabs.


Such is life. Too busy working for the universe to make any practical sense out of dating. The solo life is easy, though.

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