Tinder dating app

It. Is. Awesome. Slutty pic, this one (photo deleted)

And two sentences about myself, sexual in nature. Let the females and gay boys come running!

But yeah you just swipe the screen to pick if you think someone is hot or not and then if they think you’re hot too it lets you text them. So far three have taken the bait.

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You have got a body beast :smile:

i had better luck with pof actually. tinder seemed more of a “ego boost” game than people actually going forth with meeting up


Have you ever heard of Grindr, mouse?

I bet you will like it. Have fun and always remember to have safe sex! :wink:

Take care

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I’ve heard the opposite - while it is simple and rather superficial since people are making a quick decision based on one image - but I do know people who are using it and found a girlfriend on Tinder.

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I heard that Tinder was more for casual hookups. I’ve heard good things about POF and terrible things about OKCupid in regards to dating.

I met my girlfriend on POF.

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Yes, OKCupid is terrible! I was considering going with eharmony or match.com. I’m registered on both, but I’m too cheap to pay for it, because well,… it’s paying for it. :wink:

I might get my dad to subsidize it, now that he doesn’t have to pay for my medication. Better yet, I’ll ask my step mom. Dad might say no.

I don’t have the time or mind for psychological romance at this point in my life lol. Couple of guys are asking me to have sex with them already. Sigh. I just jump from casual partner to casual partner. I had one relationship that became sexual and it drove me insane. I really am just looking on tinder for cheap oxcytocin and dopamine. In my brain. I think it’s normal, I’ve seen lots of people I know on the app while browsing.

It is just a hookup app, but I am actually pretty good at hooking up (uh five casual partners in less than a year, one romantic partner) so I’m just being a shameful male ■■■■.

Yes I did say guys want to hookup with me, I am bisexual which means I am attracted to men and women. It’s terrible. Every androgynous guy catches my eye and all of the girls who are my type do too. Ugh. Sometimes I wish I was a woman. They have all of the power in the whole sex and romance thing. Better yet, I wish I was a bisexual woman, girls think bi men are disgusting while guys think bi women are sexier because of the fact that they are to a a degree homosexual. But gay sex is gross to most girls, that’s the bottom line, while lesbian sex is not really even sex to most men? Idk

I’m not offended by homosexual sex. I am bisexual and you would be surprised how many people are in secret. It is an unnecessary stress to assume people are offended by your sexuality. I can assure you that thinking in terms of gender roles(women have it easier) in regards to dating is not necessary either. There are no sluts that is just a word to oppress your desires. As long as they are not deviant they are all fine. I am glad you have a way of obtaining what you desire; good for you. I found that OKCupid(and in that area is good for you) was very full of people looking for sex I am sorry I talked about relationships so much.

the romance stuff always makes me go haywire

i prefer the massage parlour every now and then. there is no responsibility. I get my rocks off and I dont hurt anyones feelings. its mutually beneficial.
some people dont agree with it from a moral perspective but i think its totally fine.

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Yeah sure, why not. You look better than average.

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MortimerMouse - just a reminder to be careful when you work out - we don’t want to see you in these videos any time soon :smile:


Lmao the guy who had the solid deadlift who fainted was the best

Oh someone I’ve met before who is not a complete ■■■■ wants to actually go on a date. That’s good.

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I tried Tinder once. I dropped my phone and as I grabbed for it I accidentally swiped the wrong way. Now I’m stuck married to an Armenian woman named Zora.


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Yeah ^^^ It does kind of sound like a craigslist thread. I don’t know what PSs you take to increase your libido so much, but I am curious as to what processor you have for your p.c to still function at such appropriate levels.

What’s pc mean?