I don't think this dating thing is for me


Tinder is a let’s hook up and have sex app! I know your brother found someone on there but that’s like the story we all know about the 100 year old guy who smoke six packs a day since he was 12! It happens but it is very, very unlikely.

Have you tried volenteering? Maybe at a library or, I don’t know what people do these days, the local sock hop? I’m 27 and I’m so old already -.-

The point being, find something you care about or enjoy and go there. If you look for love you’ll never find it. You certainly won’t find it just staying home alone. Do you have a dog? Take him/her to the dog park. I’ve heard that some people who have corgi’s meet up so that they and their dogs can all socialize with each other.

Or even better, take a class at a community college or regular university! No online though! Face to face! Just find a subject that you are interested in, take maybe one or two courses, and see how that goes. Try for a small face to face college with classrooms under 50 people. Make an effort to be social. There was a woman in my English class who got a guy who looked maybe 10 years her junior. Just go out and do fun stuff.

Go get some ferrets! (Or whatever cougers like to eat). :wink:


Corgi’s meat up. Wonder what that tastes like ehhhhhhhh…?

I would say lower your expectations. Tinder is pretty much a hookup site.
Try pof.com


Well, I’ve spent a lifetime lookin’ for you;
singles bars and good time lovers were never true.
Playin’ a fools game hopin’ to win;
and tellin’ those sweet lies and losin’ again.

I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places,
Lookin’ for love in too many faces,
searchin’ their eyes and lookin’ for traces
of what I’m dreamin’ of.

Hopin’ to find a friend and a lover;
I’ll bless the day I discover
another heart lookin’ for love.

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You could try the rent a date thing a guy will pay you just for a face to face dinner or date I do not recommend a first date to be anywhere like in the forest camping not to leave your car anywhere in his car or house…honestly I would not bother with dating sites online…it is not safe!!! You need to find a man who is known by people in common and you can’t be careful when there are professional bums who do that and prey on women’s emotions then take money or become monsters cheat or you find out a dark past secret go with popular hard working guys the fit ones who want a future and you should test him always test people you just met for honesty depth make him back up his self then he will feel like you care and U can usually tell between over confident people who lack substance will want some thing from you a guy who is quiet is sometimes a good thing I’m sure you’ve got it and love may find you!!


Find a guy you like and ask him out.

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Simple,easy and good tips

What happened to the guy on the bus? Did you even say hello to him?

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Maybe you just need a bedtime prayer. Even if your not religious I hope it makes you :smile:


Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray for a man, who’s not a creep.
One who’s handsome,
smart and strong.
He’s not afraid to admit
when he is wrong.
One who thinks
before he speaks.
When he promises to call,
he doesn’t wait 6 weeks.
I pray that he is gainfully employed,
wont lose his cool when he’s annoyed.
Pulls out my chair & opens my door,
massages my back & begs to do more.
Oh! Send me a man who will
make love to my mind.
Knows just what to say when I
ask “How fat is my behind?”
One who’ll make love
till my body’s a twitchin’
He brings ME a sandwich too,
when he goes to the kitchen!
I pray that this man
will love me to no end,
And would never compare me
with my best girlfriend.
Thank You in advance
and now I’ll just wait,
for I know You will send him before it’s too late.

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I don’t see him anymore. Different route to work :frowning:

I have no self confidence to ask someone out. I feel fat and ugly because I’ve never had a successful date :frowning:

Maybe just focus on making friends first. As It’s always worked out better for me that way. In which case might be best to just focus on some sort of social/hobby group rather than going the dating route.


Dating is not for me either, but that is due to my own shortcomings.

Hi ish
30 is young
Work on your figure and looks with exercise, healthy eating and make up
Keep trying different avenues
Get out and about and keep trying

Also u r quite negative
Read the good mood handbook

I walk an hour a day I don’t eat breakfast and I don’t eat lunch I am fat as I ever was.

what meds are you on?

Its not the meds that make me fat its my PCOS. i take ablify

you should do the contrary, eat breakfast and a small lunch and skip dinner.

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i dont know if it works but some people told me that if you eat carbohydrates for breakfast (oatmeal, fruit etc.) a mix of carbohydrates and protein foods for lunch (chicken breast + rice etc.) and mainly protein for dinner (chicken breat and salad etc.) - but you have to eat all 3 meals - then you will lose weight if you have a normal metabolism and body.

for me that didnt work though but i also never seriously tried. what worked for me is to eat some fruit in the morning and vegetables and meat for dinner and lunch. vegetables are always a great food eat tons of them they have no calories and fill you up!

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