I am seriously doubting that I have sza

I tend to come to this site for support, or I lurk and/or respond to topics so I don’t feel so alone. But right now? The beings are telling me that I need to stop my meds and/or take psychoactive drugs. (my theory on this is that all drugs have supernatural properties, as well as physical ones) so that they can break the wall that keeps my thoughts, and by extension, the beings, in my head and keeps my mind closed off from the full truth of reality. A small part of me thinks that sza is a possibility, but this part of me is dying. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to fight this for much longer.

Ugh I have the same thing. That how do I know the spirit isn’t connected to the brain so altering the brain directly affects spiritual properties as well? Makes things complicated.

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Yeah, I believe that the brain develops around the soul, so psychoactive drugs have spiritual/supernatural properties.

This disease messes with your thoughts. And it’s you against the disease. Don’t let the disease win by listening to it and coming off meds.


That’s the thing though. I don’t feel like I am fighting a disease so much as I am fighting the truth.

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It’s a matter of actual survival that you take your meds. I’ve learned that the hard way.


I’ve been told probably too many times that schizophrenics need their meds. Most of me just doesn’t think I’m schizophrenic. This was my last cry. I don’t think I can keep fighting what I think is the truth.

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I have this urge not to take my risperidone.
But then I’ll end up in the hospital.
Not a good idea.
Stay on your meds @Sardonic.


My mom told me that she’ll take me to the hospital if I refuse my meds. I don’t want to go to the hospital, but I am beginning to think that I have no choice but to refuse them. I can’t get a job and move out, my mom won’t let me try. I think a lot about running away, but I don’t know how I’d take care of myself. I need food, water, pads, a place to sleep, protection from the weather, etc.

I think you should stay on your meds, but you are free to decide.

Why did you start taking meds? How did you feel just before you started to take meds?

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Well I heard a voice over the intercom that no one else heard, got freaked out and told my teacher, who promptly emailed my mom, who made me talk to my psychiatrist who I had been seeing for years because of OCD. I told them everything about the beings and showed them my journal and they put me on meds. I will admit that I felt anxious and paranoid all of the time, even after I was put on meds. The beings told me things to make me afraid, but they also told me good things. They told me to wake up. This isn’t the first time they’ve talked about me opening my mind.


Sounds to me that you were in pretty bad shape before you started meds. It’s good to remember how we felt before we started meds.

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It was sucky but I think I was waking up.

You sound unstable. I thought medications got rid of hallucinations for the most part. I would say you do have SZA.

I guess I have my doubts too. I probably wouldn’t need many medications if I didn’t drink 4 Monster’s a day. I’m really stable right now. My cognitive symptoms are improving.

There are no beings, there is no supernatural (as of yet…), and you have faulty logic (like myself). Not to sound like an ass, but unless your theory on the brain has some backing or has been published in a prestigious journal and has been tested thoroughly, I’m not buying the supernatural thing about medications. It’s really just an idea, not a theory. A hypothesis at best.

I don’t know…hope that helps.

I think a lot of schizophrenics (like myself) jump to conclusions. Sometimes, I think I’m a genius because of certain things that I won’t mention here, but I’m not. I really am not.


The fact that you have posted this in ‘Unusual beliefs’ tells me deep down you realise your thinking is faulty. Hold on to that and stay on your meds. It might be they need tweaking if you are getting breakthrough symptoms.


Yeah you’re right. It may be a delusion. The beings are real though. They’re entangled with my thoughts. But they’ve lied before. Are they lying now? I’m not sure, but I think that God put this idea in my brain. I’m not sure of anything right now.

Ggo with what your heart tells you about them. I did and its quiet.

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God made me do it. I am innocent.:japanese_ogre:

I think my heart is telling me it’s true. But maybe that’s just my mind.

Don’t drop the meds, talk to your doctor. How many people here have stopped meds and then wound up on higher doses?