I am not enjoying this place much anymore

Yeah, @naturallycured is right. You don’t seem obnoxious or rude. Don’t worry so much about what to write or overthink it. Compared to some of the bizarre, rude, obnoxious posts written by some people, you’re a model member. Don’t worry too much about being perfect, it’s just us. IDK if this is appropriate but like we used to say in sixth grade, “If you were perfect and had all the answers, you would be god.”


I’m glad you are on here! I hope you stick around :blush:

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ok I will just do my thangg lol, :s

thanks @FatMama :relaxed: I am glad you are on here too.


I feel the same way sometimes. Honestly, I hang around bc I have a few things in common with other members. I may disappear for hours here and there but threads like Say Anything help me put my thoughts out there and even if no one reads my posts somehow seeing the words on the screen helps me make sense of myself. I’m sometimes no angel but this forum feels safer to articulate thoughts than doing it irl.



I feel and do the same. Just reading my posts makes me feel I accomplished something better than sleeping 24/7. Its a brain exercise and we need to keep our brains active. I also suck irl so I come here.


I’ve been there many times. This forum gives me a small joy and something to write about when I wake up in the morning. Keeping the brain active and having a place to vent when frustrations arise seems like a good coping mechanism. Imho

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This forum provides comfort for me and I get good information every once in awhile

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I agree, it is comforting to know that I am not the only one experiencing negative symptoms and trauma from psychosis.

@anon90843118 You’re a good contributor to these forums .


that is kind of you to say @firemonkey

you’ve always had the ‘Us and Them’ attitude, @77nick77

it’s very excluding.

@anon90843118, don’t go. You are a great part of this forum :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I don’t recall you ever starting a thread on here

so I could make that kind of judgement call.

I’ve made tons of threads on the forum, Daze.

Could you explain? I always thought I treat people pretty good and never make personal attacks unlike some people. If by “us and them” you mean obnoxious people, they know they’re obnoxious. I think I treat people fairly though too.


so according to you, there are good members, and there are bad members, and OF COURSE, you, are one of the good members.

thanks @GrayBear! you are also a great part of the forum, supportive and great emojis :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:

I don’t know if I could ever leave but I may just take random breaks from time to time, if need be and if I can do it


I’m going to bed.

but just one more thing.
I stopped trying to win popularity contests when I was 8th grade.

I like it here. Though sometimes it makes me realize I’m not quite as stable as I thought. And sometimes it makes me think I’m too stable to stay. But I don’t have to hide myself when I’m here, and that means a lot to me.


Of course. Some people on here get so obnoxious that they would be insulted and disappointed if you didn’t call them on it and tell them so.

I didn’t actually say someone’s a bad member, it depends on how you read it. But in the way I meant it, it’s true.

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