I am not enjoying this place much anymore

it is nothing personal

but i do not have much else to do so i keep coming back.

does anyone else find it hard to enjoy this place much but still come back here?
i dunno if id say it is a chore but it is just like i have no alternative better option.

they said quarantine will be eased in June. I really cant wait :grimacing: for that.

how do you feel about this forum, in all honesty?

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I feel the same as you. I’m not interested in most of the threads but I don’t have anything else to do.

yea it is better than doing nothing…i suppose???

I like the forum, been here for years.


I’m obsessively lurking like this forum is going to guide me somewhere. But I think it’s too comfortable now. There’s no growth in the comfort zone.

Have to push out of that zone. Somewhere. It’s intimidating since there’s so much potential and unexplored territory. I have ideas where to start, though.

Like learning how to write a book, then writing it. Blogging, even. Web development. E-commerce stuff. PEMF development. So many things I want to grow into.

I’m just going to stick around until the PEMF treatment 100% fixes my headache and symptoms. Then I won’t be stressed out by leaving the comfort zone so much.

I’ll still come back for memes though. I’ll post the book as well but it’s against the rules, I think? If it were free I guess it would be OK. I don’t know for sure.

I remember a mod saying you could just post a link to the book and lock it, and that would technically be kosher. But the thread will just fade away then.

Marketing is a huge ball of wax. This isn’t the place for it. It’s a place for people to hang out and vibe, and stick to orthodoxy for the most part.

Only way PEMF will be accepted here is if it becomes a part of the orthodoxy, and that’s like a decade-long journey, at best. I’m thinking it could take a lifetime.

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I love it. Finally I can relate to people like me :slightly_smiling_face:

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i cant figure out if this place is good or bad for me but all i know is it is addictive nvt.

i am already in a bad place and i don’t want to spread my bad energy further irl and now i am beginning to feel like the same is happening online

i am really sorry guys but i have nowehere else to turn to right now so i hope you can manage with me

:sweat_smile: :yawning_face: :crazy_face:

haha i am not entirely sure what orthodoxy means but its funny

I hear you. I tried to leave too, but ended up coming back several times. Just don’t beat yourself up about it.

Why are you worried if you have nothing else better to do? I don’t. If I loose access to this forum I will just switch back to my tech forums.

Browsing this and other forums is better than sleeping 24/7 for me.

i worry about spreading my anxiety energy around the forum.

i don’t mean to do it on purpose

I enjoy the forum a lot.

I don’t enjoy some of the members,

Don’t enjoy some of our rules,

And don’t enjoy some of the threads,

But as a whole, this is a really great place.

If you’re unhappy with it and feel like you’re addicted to it or something,

Why not ask to be silenced or suspended?

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No worries, that’s what this forum is made for.
Many people are in a bad situation here and don’t always feel positive.

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i don’t know.

it is better than sleeping 24/7 or something like that, as @Aziz said I guess that is why.

You can’t transmit anxiety through the forum with just your mind. Your posts are pretty normal, not edgy or drama-filled or anything.

Psyching yourself out.

If you want to post, post! Don’t worry about having a perfect mind to do it.



idk man


It’s not a thing. Don’t worry.

i suppose this is a mental health forum so my anxiety is not something to be frowned upon.

still i am sorry


ok, i will try not to.

i am trying my best after all