Why do you come to these forums? What do you get out of it?

Just polling to see why y’all post on the forums. Personally, especially lately, it’s been an enjoyable way to socialize with a unique (in a good way) bunch of mostly good people. We have our bad apples here, but show me a population that doesn’t have a bad egg or two. I enjoy being able to relate to SOMEONE about what’s on my mind. Whether I want to discuss nuclear fusion, the mating practices of hyenas, or just talk about how my day is going, I can find someone here who can render an opinion or similar experience. I’ve already had a few good conversations with people here this morning/afternoon, and I have to say, I’ve really enjoyed it. For whatever reason, I’m feeling more sociable lately. I’m even venturing out of my comfort zone tomorrow and attending a play at the local performing arts theater. I’m pretty pleased with the progress I’ve made lately.


I come hear because it’s a great way to express myself to people who can understand. And if they can’t understand they’re not afraid to tell me so. I’ve learned to work on my verbalization skills a lot - I don’t think I used to care if I was understood or not because I was so withdrawn. Now I do care. I’m not typing to the thin air. I also have learned to listen a little when someone says I’m being too harsh or too negative. You are both my audience and my teacher.


I guess, reaching out to another human with somewhat similar experiences…to listen, relate, and share what I think it might help someone…Because of the wide range of subjects and unbelievable smart, and funny contributors…because we all want to belong somewhere …because of our need to be understood… Because this is the only site with Sith in it…:purple_heart: .and to catch a golden hen :chicken: …lol.


Did you know that hyenas have a matriarchal order, and that if the alpha female gives birth to more than one female pup, they fight to the death to become the next alpha? I saw that on a nature show once. But, anyway, I come on this forum because it’s the only place where I relate to many people as opposed to none.


It’s a sort of therapy. For a long time I felt like this organization was watching my every move making sure I never talked about having schizophrenia. I’d watch what I said around EVERYONE everywhere. Coming here, putting me name and the word schizophrenia in my username, having where I live in my profile, talking about schizophrenia all of the time etc. is all a way of me saying to myself “hey! I don’t care about you guys anymore. I’m going to do whatever I want. Up yours.” So yeah just being here helps me regardless of what I get from the actual exchanges with people. The friendly people are a nice plus though.


I come here to answer questions, check on people I am familiar with, and as a distraction from work–I sometimes need to chill and not be working out or studying…like right now–today is my break day I am giving myself before going hard as hell studying for my remaining finals.

I notice lots of topics on the forum are questions, and as someone who has reached a certain height in recovery, I am often able to give answers. Not just because I’ve experienced a lot and made it out okay-- also because I study psychology.

@anon40540444 and I keep in touch over the phone and know each other quite well. I keep coming back here because of other people I have met on here, that’s one of the big reasons. I love to see the progress some of us make. It’s a group effort- many of us find support on here from others who have the same problems.

In the end, it’s about sticking together because going at life with scz alone is not easy.


I found the old schizophrenia forums by accident when I was researching schizophrenia. I started reading some posts in the old work and school forums and people were asking for help or advice about getting and holding a job and I thought, “That’s right up my alley” and I answered back and it seemed to help and the rest is history.


It’s a nice break. It’s a good place to vent or have a joke and chill out. And when symptomatic good for support and good to help others


i am communicating with other sz people who understand the illness. :smiley:
i have no friends so this is ( apart from mrs.sith ) my only communication with the outside world.
it helps with my therapy.
take care :alien:


I guess this might be paranoia but I can tell you guys stuff and I don’t have to worry about it coming back to bite me because you have no clue who I am. ^.^

Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone who you really are Khaleesi.


To pass some time,and socialize a little

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I found the old forum accidently by searching schizophrenia and then was attracted to this site because there are so many people who can understand me and relate to me. Some of the posters are really nice and decent in manners and attitudes. Also I learned English here by reading the posts on this site.


I came here initially as it was the only thriving forum for my then diagnosis schizoaffective(mixed type) and to share information that might be of interest/beneficial.
I decided to stay after my diagnosis changed because (a) I could still identify with people here to some extent (b) I felt comfortable for the most part being here and © wanted to continue information sharing.
Since the creation of the current forum software I have tried to broaden where I post although I still struggle with casual/social posts. I am though more willing to post on an individual level which is something I tended not to do on previous incarnations of the forums.

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Good to hear you are doing well man.

I came here to polish my stand-up comedy act.


The forum is my virtual social life. I am married and have one friend. Other than that I’m just as shy in 3D as I am here.


When I first came on here… it was for answers… education and ideas on how to get my head together.

It also helped me get used to talking to other people.

Now I like to keep in touch with people… and I still learn things


If I didn’t come here and to other forums I’d be spending a lot more time watching tv and taking to bed.