Huel powders

Has anyone tried these meal replacement drinks?

They are filled with the daily essential vitamins and stuff for a balanced diet, but do they fill you up? I ask this as drinking a lumpy liquid akin to a soup I can’t imagine is as filling as solid food.

If I don’t eat enough in a day then my stomach burns during the night. Will a huel shake counteract this as food does?

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Ive used Huel for a few months now and I think they are great. Weird at first drinking a a meal but they are so convenient and don’t taste bad. Id give it a go.

You can order 12 pre made drinks to try out. Thats the simplest way if you are concerned if you don’t like it.

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I have already gone for the banana and the chocolate one.

Hopefully it will be fine.

I am taking it because I can get gluten free huel and I am not keen on the gluten free bread. I’ll replace one meal with a huel shake.

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An ex and I used to drink Soylent. It was really good, all plant based and everything you needed in a meal. I miss having some on hand.


It is going to be healthier for me I think as I am not really getting all the nutrients I need from my regular diet.

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It tastes like a thick milkshake, no?

Yes but obviously the calories is a small meal (400 calories). And when you are used to eating its just a strange sensation.

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Soylent is pretty cheap too, at least it was when I was buying it, at just over a dollar a bottle.

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It works out at £1.67 a meal. That’s $2.34 in the USA. So it is cheap but there are cheaper versions out there.


Yeah. Soylent was the original Huel more or less. Huel just marketed it better.


There are quite a few of them now. 310 nutrition, ambronite etc.

I just went with huel because it is uk based and has all the hype, plus the gluten free option.

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just though you might like to see this one



The huel powder is filled with amino acids and has prebiotics in them, as well as the vitamins in it. Does this affect you cognitively at all?

The tryptophan might even make you sleep better.

Have you found Huel affects your mood at all? I’ve been on it 3 days now and I feel a little different after drinking it.

I cant say it makes me feel any different tbh.

How are you feeling different specifically?

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Don’t worry, it is probably the chemical cosh taking effect.

How are you finding the Huel in general?

One tip that helped me is to only put half the water in with the powder. Shake. Then the rest of the water and shake. By doing it like this you dont get lumps and instead you get a really smooth consistency.

I also sometimes add 2 tea spoons of cocoa powder to the banana flavour if Im feeling decadent.

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I haven’t had a problem with lumps adding all the water in first and adding ice cubes. The filter guard does it’s job, but it has been fine lump wise.

I was wondering what to add myself last night, lol.

I have some ‘Nick’s chocolate powder’ that is stevia based and taste like normal chocolate milk shake with virtually no calories. That would sweeten it up.

Huel itself, I like the taste but don’t love the taste. It does taste of banana without the sweetness though.

Do you have the new Huel shaker? The black and white one? I started Huel just before they got introduced and was kind of frustrated.

Some people say small amounts of fruit crushed fruit or fruit juice can help liven it up too.

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It is the new shaker indeed the black and white one. I saw that it costs £10 for a replacement one. Perhaps that is why the lump problem is abated, plus my powder is gluten free as I am a coeliac.

I have fruit on my cereal in the morning which is mostly roasted oats and seeds/nuts, and fruit throughout the day. It could work though. Thanks for the idea.

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So jealous !!!
Sounds like you have a nice diet.
I really struggle with what to eat recently as I’ve been trying not to eat bread. I eat chicken salad, huel, and not much else.

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