Anyone tried Huel?

So I tried out Huel. I saw adverts for it years ago and thought the concept was really gross.

But a couple of friends of mine have used it a lot and told me to try it out - and as I always put on weight, I thought I may as well see what its like.

I drink it really casually, like two or three times a week. Its pretty great for breakfast especially if you’re hungover or dehydrated.

However, I don’t see myself ever drinking it on a regular basis like many people do. Even once every day is too much for me to do on a permanent basis. But as a filler option to liven up breakfast or lunch its quite nice.

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what is it? 151515

Its a meal replacement drink.
Its 400 calories and is made of mostly peas, rice, flaxseed and oats.
You mix powder with water. Or you can try it pre mixed if you want (but it costs more)
It comes in a few flavours. I have tried and liked banana and mint chocolate.

ah i’ll look it up. sounds good =)

I use RedCon1’s MRE Lite protein meal replacement powder. It has 120 calories and 24 grams of protein

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