How's your teeth? (I'm going to the dentist finally next month)

It’s been almost 19 years since I’ve been to the dentist. There was a time when I was suicidal for a few years that I wouldn’t take care of myself, including flossing and brushing. awful. I went out to eat with my mom today at a barbeque place and part of my back molar fell out. I was so scared that today I made arrangements to finally go to the dentist. I am ashamed of my teeth and hardly smile openly around people. How many people here have bad teeth and need to go to the dentist. or rather. how are your teeth?

Need my wisdom teeth taken out. Don’t really want to go through that.

My teeth are worn down from grinding them. I go in for a check-up near the end of next month.

Pretty alright considering how much soda I drink which is just as bad for your teeth as drinking battery acid.

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My teeth is okay,I see my aunt who is a dentist once a year,my mum always want me to visit my aunt at least once a year

I don’t take care of my teeth. i need to get my wisdom teeth pulled and before hand you need to get a cleaning. I was supposed to get that cleaning 2 months ago. The dentist told me if i don’t get my wisdom teeth pulled then more teeth may need to be pulled. Ah, I’m scared of the dentist, i don’t know when I’ll get this done. I need to take care of this ASAP.

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me too Kella I’m scared of the dentist something awful. I thought I would wait until I really needed to go because of something painful but that’s just bad thinking on my part.

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wrecked due to anti psychotics and smoking pot. i just bought a bleaching kit so that should sort out my smile. :slight_smile: i visit the dentist every 6-9 months for a check up. haven’t needed anything doing for about 3 or 4 years now except a cosmetic filling. gotta get my teeth whitened but that’s about it.

Hi @jukebox
I had pretty good teeth for awhile until one cracked and a dentist made a repair that I did not know was only temporary, I was out of town.
I didn’t go and thought it was fixed until I said I better check it. It had died and had to be pulled and hurt the good teeth and caused cavities I didn’t have before.
I was afraid but finally got it all fixed, now I go every 6 months for cleaning and checkup because you gotta try to keep what you have.
Good luck, they can save them!

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I don’t know. I floss and brush daily now but the damage has been done. I fear they are going to give me dentures…arrrgghhh.

I was afraid of my front bottom teeth all fall out. They cleaned them and it got infected. My gums were swollen and my teeth got loosened. Everytually the swelling went down and things tightened back up. Crisis averted.

I’m pretty laxidazical about brushing. Probably should keep up on it.

To all the younguns under 30. Take care of your teeth or you’ll be sorry when you’re 50,60 and they start falling out. My dads teeth scared me to take care of mine.

My son had stopped brushing for a year and got $300 worth of cavities. I said you can pay yourself a dollar a day to brush and floss.


Not too bad. I have all my teeth including my wisdom teeth. Lots of fillings though, but no root canals. I could floss more.

I had this gay dentist growing up and in the 90’s they had this scare about a woman who was a virgin getting AIDS from her dentist. Just the thing for a paranoiac to find out… I didn’t go to a dentist for 8 years after that. I feel kinda silly about it now. Then I moved and I put off seeing a dentist for about 6 years, just because I didn’t know where to go.

I go every 6 months now. I’m lucky, my brother who has bp disorder had 14 teeth pulled last year and my sister is paying for dental implants.

I forgot exactly how many but I lost at least 12 due to 2 2 liter bottles of Dr Pepper everyday in hs then about 18 yrs disfunctional alcoholism and I had a root cana on a front tooth that got so infected they had to pull 1 on side and 3 on other side.

It was sick the sinus passage on the right side of nose got infected and swelled so it looked and felt like there was a golf ball under the skin.They had to do emergency surgery 16 hrs after root canal.

It sucks im not even 40 yet but almost half my teeth are gone and ill lose the rest befor im 50.

I had some nasty reactions to the mercury within the amalgam fillings. So I stopped seeing the dentist. Many years later I ended up with 4 nasty cases of severely impacted wisdom teeth, or at least that was my personal assessment of the situation. What I was experiencing was jaw pain, neck pain, cheekbone pain, ear aches, and head aches. In other words, lots of nerves were being affected. Anyhow, before finding a new dentist, I dropped in to see my GP. He concluded that he could see nothing wrong but that it was all in my head.

I then thought that my GP was not a complete idiot, because wisdom teeth are located within the head.

I then found a dentist who was a university buddy of my brothers way back when. He took x-rays of my teeth and said, “These are not severely impacted wisdom teeth…THESE…THESE ARE TEXT BOOK CLASSICS !”. I asked him what that meant. He told me that cases such as mine, are found in medical text books under the title of worst cases possible, and thus are displayed via multiple example pictures.

Thus what I had was the worst case possible severely impacted wisdom teeth. They were so bad that he said they would have to be removed in a hospital, and so they were. Meanwhile my bloody GP was 100% convinced that it was just all in my head.

Six months later, due to my nasty reactions to the mercury within the amalgam fillings, my immune system was shot to hell. As a consequence, the pockets where the wisdom teeth used to be had not yet closed and also became infected, or at least that was my personal assessment of the situation. So off I go to see my GP. But he was called away on an emergency and so they sent me one floor down to see another doctor. The symptoms were basically the same, meaning jaw pain, neck pain, cheekbone pain, ear aches, and head aches. As I was in the process of relaying this information to this other doctor, he said, “Stop…stop…That’s enough…What you are sir …is a hypochondriac.”. So I asked him what that meant. So he said it means that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me and that I was making it all up in my head.

So I set up an appointment with the oral surgeon who had removed my wisdom teeth. I told him, line for line, exactly what I had informed the idiot doctor who said that I was a hypochondriac. But this guy listened. He then said, “Open your mouth”, and he then squeezed the gum at the point where one of the wisdom teeth used to be, and presto bingo, out comes his finger with a big blob of pure white pus on it. “There is your nasty problem” he said. I had nasty infections in all 4 pockets where the wisdom teeth used to be, just as I had originally suspected.

One doctor said, with absolute undeniable certainty, that I was a lunatic hypochondriac, yet the big blob of pus said that he was an absolute undeniable bloody idiot.

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My teeth are okay, considering I’ve only seen a dentist 3times at age 13 (xrays, one filling, one molar pulled).

Then at age 37, that filling from age 13 came out the day after being hit by a cop. It got infected a couple months later.

Then at age 40, I got enough nerve to go see a friend of my ex’s who was a dentist. That infection had never got better, and the dentist told my ex that I had a very high pain tolerance, because it had actually moved my jawbone a bit.

I knew it hurt like heck, but I was so delusional by this time, I couldn’t think straight and was constantly miserable chasing (so called) delusions around.

Right after the root canal (which didn’t hurt one bit) my psychosis cleared like the sun after a nasty storm.

I saw the dentist a couple of times more, once to pull a wisdom tooth (not painful at all) and a couple of fillings.

That’s my experience with Dentists.
Good thing I have strong teeth, because I could never afford to go to the dentist much (never had insurance)

Mine are pretty crooked and the enamel is kind of worn away from soft drinks. Not the prettiest smile, but I stopped caring when people told me they dont even notice teeth. (whether they were just being polite or not, idk, but ill take it)

I don’t typically notice teeth unless people get in my face. Still I would hate to be missing teeth.

I have awful teeth, they are crooked and yellowish. Smiling is sometimes embarrassing. Of course, I don’t like going to the dentist either, so my teeth are full of fillings and one molar had to be extracted eleven years ago because it was so rotten. One of my front teeth is chipped as well.

My teeth are bulletproof never had a cavity or anything.

Guess my genetics went to my teeth and not to my brain… :joy: