How's your teeth? (I'm going to the dentist finally next month)

I’m holding on to my own teeth before I have to get dentures. I have quite a few teeth missing in my mouth, and I have to be careful how I chew. Some of the teeth I do have are sensitive. When I was in the army I had to get caps for my front teeth because they got broken in half in a car wreck. About thirteen years ago they had to replace those caps with a bridge. If that bridge gets knocked out I will definitely have to get dentures. If I do have to get dentures I might try to get implants if I can afford them. I’ve been brushing my teeth regularly and using ACT mouthwash to toughen my enamel. I recommend ACT mouthwash.

I started on mood stabilizers pretty early in life - but I am sure that chronic use of meds like lithium, messed up my teeth pretty bad. I went to the dentist years ago and had my teeth capped - the dentist fixed my teeth.

I have a fear of going to the dentist, and I have not gone in a while - I really should go, and once I search for a dentist I can feel comfortable with, I will start going again. I am looking for a female dentist - I am a bit intimidated by some male dentists

My teeth are healing. Years of abuse and neglect. I didn’t take care of my teeth much when I was younger.

but now that I finally have insurance, I have been going to the dentist. Little by little, cavities filled, bad chips filled in, I know they are better now then they used to be.

I pretty much know each one of my teeth by the work that’s been done on them. Sometimes they’ve had 1 too many insults. I struggle to do the care on them I need to…avolition.