How often do you go to a dentist

I go once a year to have have my annual check-up.

Every six months

I did that for the last couple years.

Should go back in. They’re quite yellow.

They want to remove my wisdom teeth(sedation and extraction) and give me tissue grafts on my gums(sedation and a week eating no solid foods)

But hey no cavities

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Just took care of cavities, they’re clean and white now. ah!

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I have never had any wisdom teeth, does this mean I have no wisdom or maybe I have :smiley:

Good for you!

Last time I went in my gums got infected and my teeth became loose and shifty. Wasn’t fun.

Hate doctors anyways. Pay for this pay for that. Eh ■■■■ you. My insurance is ■■■■ now.

I’m only left with one, took 3 out. But I feel wiser now lol

Damn that sucks. But everythings alright now?

When I lived in my auto in America some fillings in my teeth fell and I had to go to a dentist. I went to one in Little Havana in Miami and the Cuban dentist did so good job that when I arrived back at Finland I had all these fillings removed by a dentist who then put new fillings. There are differences how good these dentists are.

Yeah took a few weeks. That was months ago as well.

I was pretty psychotic back then. Saw myself toothless and homeless and schizoid. No good.

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Yeah I had the same problem, the fear of being toothless and homeless and schizoid too, my mother helped at the right time

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It’s still a realistic thing to fear, but I can play dumb for now.

Teeth are ■■■■■■ though. Brushing doesn’t do ■■■■.

Yeah true. I had the problem of forgetting to brush them, didn’t end up well, I’m already missing a tooth on the side, broke it eating cereal, gonna put a fake one in january

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Hah I chipped one eating some Pringles no missing teeth aside from that.

Originally moving out when I was 18 though. College and whatnot. Yeah I never brushed.

Coming down with sz 5 years later got me back in.

Whatever though. My teeth were cleaned earlier this year at least and I brush every day.

Front teeth are pretty much exposed to the root though. Gum erosion or something. Doesn’t grow back, hence the need of implants.

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Only when I have to go for a filling or whatever, which is once every few years. I know, I am naughty and I have terrible teeth to show it! :smile:

I have to go soon. It’s been 6 -8 months now.

About once year had couple of fillings but wasn’t really brushing often enough. Don’t want any more needle treatment so brush at least once a day

About once a year.

My insurance pays for four check-ups/ cleanings a year. Of course if the dentist finds anything wrong, that requires extra visits.

I go in when I think I have a cavity. I’ve broken several teeth, a couple on bone fragments is processed meat, and the rest I don’t know how, but I’m at the point where if I lose another tooth I’ll probably have to get them all pulled and get dentures. Bummer. Oh the indignities of age.