Do you like your teeth?

Mine were always a lost cause. I had orthodontia twice and had so many fillings, my fillings had fillings, as one dentist put it. I will not go near a dentist now. He’d want to chew my face up for good. I’m old. What teeth I have left serve their purpose. I never liked chewing anyway. I’m just a sucker. :upside_down_face:


I don’t have a tooth against you, but come near me and you’ll get licked.



I like mine just fine. Soaking overnight is so much less hassle than brushing.



brush daily, twice a day…love my teeth.


I like my teeth. I brush and floss every night. I wish they were brighter and whiter, but at least they look decent.


I love my teeth.
They are great thankfully.
Hope they stay good.

My x boyfriend has no teeth.
He has false teeth.
That would be so sad having all of your teeth pulled out.


My teeth are good. I lost 1 tooth and will loose another 1 this year. I try my best to take care of them. I feel I have weak teeth though.

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I have a small fortune in my mouth. I like them as an investment.

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I have good teeth…even when I was really sick and didn’t brush them for months, they stayed good. I now brush once a day and use the waterpik to floss. I have my first dentist appointment since the pandemic started next week, I hope they’re still good.

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No teeth here. I wear dentures, and im only 38. I had real bad kidneys when i was little and was on antibiotics for 2 years straight, that weakens your teeth. And then i dealt with drug addiction and poor hygiene from that. Between all of that my teeth were super damaged. So i had what was left pulled and got dentures around 34. I have a love hate relationship with them. They look pretty and give me confidence, but super hard things i cant chew, so thats annoying.


I think I’m being precarious with my teeth these days.

I’m getting some tooth pain now and then.

I have not been to the dentist in like 3 years.

It’s not great.

The place I live now I haven’t wanted to register to a new dentist yet… Daaaaim


I have veneers but also lots of missing teeth.
Thank goodness I have teeth in the front of my mouth, so I can smile with no issues.

Man, I hate going to see the dentist.

The last time I went I got dentures for my bottom teeth.

I actually stopped wearing my dentures because they were so uncomfortable and hurt my gums.

I actually lost my dentures years ago!



I have decent teeth but it’s really not important to me anymore @pretzel . As long as I can chew my food, who cares? It’s not like Im dating anyone and need to look nice. It’s just not important to me.



They aren’t bright white. But I barely have problems with them. They are straight. And just normal. I never really think about them. As said, they aren’t shiny white, but I don’t care. They work.

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Haven’t been to the dentist since 2009 :sweat_smile:

I haven’t been in a while, I’m afraid of dentists.

I have a tooth that would need pulling out. I was afraid but not anymore. I have built up the courage.

Yes. 4 years of braces. I do brush every day.

Haha. All gums here. Dont bother with dentures. Gums are rock hard, so i can chew almost anything.

Miss the peanuts tho - Cant chew them :stuck_out_tongue:

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My teeth are rubbish. I sucked my thumb till I was like 7. I’ve fangs which is cool in the modern vampire world but being poor I couldn’t fix them. A reason I don’t smile too often and I’m embarrassed but it is what it is.

Best thing ever though was getting an electric toothbrush. I’ve broken teeth everywhere but since then I’ve actually maintained some decent teeth!

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