How to deal with obsessive thoughts about food

I’ve been obsessing over food lately. When I am not thinking about food I am thinking about not thinking about food. I have been trying to distract myself but it doesn’t last long. I’ve tried googling how to stop obsessing but I haven’t had that much success.

I’ve changed to a new med which seems to have started this. It isn’t that I am hungry. I am just obsessed with not gaining weight. I’m up to 140 or a little over and I am worried about gaining more. My doctor is very weight conscious with me and I know if I let this sneak up on me I could be up to 160 again really soon because I am eating all the time. The only way it seems to not just think constantly about eating is to eat all the time so that I don’t think about it. I try to stay near 135. If I wasn’t obsessed with thinking about food I would be eating all the time because that’s what makes those thoughts stop. I would be dealing with those urges in a negative way.

I have a calorie counter app on my phone so I think that has helped me cut back… a little. I want sweets a lot so that really pushes me over my daily allotment quickly. I’m not hungry. I’m thinking about it right now but I feel full. I am trying gum to give me something to chew on. It worked once but I’m afraid it will make me hungry. I did that last time.

onceapoet. I wish I could be more helpful here to you but have you tried to get more involved in physical activity, i.e. exercise?

sometimes it is a good way to start with losing weight.


Zyprexa + clozaril caused me to constantly want to eat something. Maybe your new med is at the root of it.

Now that I’ve stopped smoking I notice a more fervaciouis appetite. Especially for ice cream and chocolate bars. Have that stuff about once a week. tonight it’s pepperoni lover’s deep dish with extra cheese…HOLD ME BACK.


I’m about sixty pounds overweight myself. The doctor told me I needed to lose weight and recommended walking as exercise. I spend two hours a day pacing back and forth in my room. I’ve cut down on what I eat, but I don’t know if I have cut down enough to make a difference. One thing that might help you is exercise. If you don’t want to jog, walk. If you don’t want to lift weights, swim. Try to find something that isn’t too painful for you and do it as exercise. I gained most of my weight because of a medicine too. You might want to reconsider taking that med. Being overweight can cause serious health issues.


There is no actual proof that being overweight causes serious health issues. It is falsely statistical lies and garbage to force us to join diet groups and etc. like weight watchers and to punish and control us because a person who they believe is overweight does not fit the “ideal” of what a person should be. They are trying to brainwash us for their own mean-spirited self-interest. First, they put on medications that can cause us to gain weight and then make us feel guilty and worse about it. Eating disorders are on an increase because of this. Additionally, this mind-set has caused vulnerable people; young and old to take their own life. Be careful with what you believe when you read something.


Obsessively thinking about food requires rewiring and training of the brain, there are YouTube videos on rewiring your brain to be a healthy person. Once you are rewired then you can have a calorie counter, food diary, exercise cardio plan and a positive self image with goals, and a change of Life style. Diet pills don’t work I tried them. I have had obsessive thoughts of food, diets, poor eating habits. I need to exercise and lose weight but my illness is hard on me.

Greykitten, I think you may be partially wrong there. Being obese puts your heart health at risk I believe and increases your risk of getting diabetes. BUT… it is very possible to be overweight and healthy.

77nick77 I do not wish to disagree with you. Yet, I do believe that in many areas of health/medical/psychiatric science we are fed a lot of “baloney” that may not be true for each of us. Health Scientists do make broad generalizations with their statistics, diagnostic criteria; predispositions, and at times basically punishing us for lifestyles. I read on one internet site that “obesity” But, is it really for everyone. Is the suffering of our schizophrenia self-inflicted. I believe that I have been to some medical doctors who believe this. You may be right. However, I am inclined to believe that this is a complex issue. And, yes, it is possible to be overweight and healthy. I would also like to say one thing. Are those emaciated and anorexic healthy? Lest we forget the tragic passing of Karen Carpenter about thirty years. I am only saying before we take what we read as “gospel” we need to critically think it through.


I like to walk indoors, even around the house for about 20 min to half an hour everyday - it’s good that you are walking everyday @crimby you should lose a lot this way

i hate food,

some food tastes ok but tbh i hate it

it makes me feel bad all the time even the good food

i wish i could eat some good food and not feel shitty for a change

if i could i would eat KFC bc i like there pulled chicken burger but it always makes me feel bad even though it tastes nice, and then you’ve got the weight gain.

if i could eat properly and exercise regularly they say it shouldn’t be a problem,

i’m working on it though, i am

Sure, I can see that.Just look at the history of dieting. In the late seventies I was searching for a healthy diet. I didn’t need to lose any weight, I just wanted to eat healthy. The most popular diets stressed eating lots of carbs and no fat and counting calories and easy on the protein. Well here we are in the 21st century and the pendulum has swung completely the other way. Several of the most popular diets including Atkins, The South Beach, and the Dukan Diet advise you to eat as few carbs as possible. To eat lots of meat (protein), and to not necessarily count your calories. And we still have “doctors” and “experts” on both sides of the debate either way. Health care is not necessarily a “one size fits all” type of thing as you say. And schizophrenia is a good example too. Again, we have doctors and “experts” telling us two opposite things. You have the pro-medication faction and you have the “Anti-medication Soteria House faction” telling us we can get better without meds. And it’s funny because at it’s best, out of necessity, modern medicine should me an exact science but in practice it is far from it.

Could you try snacking on healthier foods like carrots or celery? Drink more water or tea… Sometimes eating in itself can be a comfort.

No evidence it increases blood sugar , or blood pressure , no evidence that it causes hormonal changes in men & women which can cause women to grow unwanted hair or men to grow boobs , no evidence that it is linked to cancers such as colorectal cancers , no evidence that it causes respitary problems such as sleep apnoea , or coronary heart disease , I could go on. Fattly liver disease? Your havn a laugh

Is that sarcasm? If you’re serious, check out this link.

Yes it is sarcasm, I’m not clicking the Link , it feels like someone asking me to click a link to see evidence that the moon landing was staged.


OK so I clicked the link :slight_smile:

Why did you think that I was disagreeing with the fact that obesity causes a whole host of problems. I am not that unreasonable. You are saying obesity causes health problems , aren’t you?

Wires crossed me thinks , well that’s sarcasm for you , confuses the ■■■■ out of people.

I eat too fast. My current approach involves copious amounts of pickled hot peppers, sriracha sauce, and Louisiana hot sauce.

I find if my food is hot – and by hot I mean so nuclear it sets off a geiger counter the next province over – one is forced to slow down as one eats. By the end of next month I should be able to put your average East Indian male under the table in a spice challenge if I keep going at the current rate. The other happy by product is that my kid no longer scarfs the leftovers I’m saving for my lunch the following day. She’s nowhere near my level of tolerance for hot foods.

Oh, and, yes, I have the t-shirt. Four of them:

Thinking of making some jalapeno ice cream tonight.


I wasn’t sure. I was pretty sure it was sarcasm but I wasn’t sure. No harm done.

The only way you are going to lose weight is to eat less. In this modern era, exercise is necessary so the body does’t die in front of a TV set or a computer display or riding around to places in a car.

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