How often are you happy?

I’m happy right now. I’m listening to my husband snore… My son is safe and just got up. I talked to my daughter this morning and made sure she was up for school. My apartment is warm. My bills are paid. Dinner is in the slow cooker. It’s cold outside so when we go out the brisk air will be refreshing.


I’ve been trying like anything to describe a happy time. Content and relief and satisfaction are easy. But happy is a lot harder then I give it credit for.

A moment of simple pleasure is easy and there are many of those. Times I’ve been thankful to be alive are many. My favorite simple pleasure is swimming in open water. I like lakes the best. My first time lake swimming wasn’t until I was 16 and my kid sis was 5.

There was a family fishing trip in early summer. My Dad and Uncle rented a boat and we were on lake Chelan. My 15 year old brother Jacob and my 5 year old kid sis got into an argument. My 5 year old sis was winning so my brother threw her over board.

She could swim already and she had on a lifejacket. So then she refused to come back to the boat. She wanted to swim to shore for ice cream.

She was out there paddling like it was no tomorrow and getting further and further away and my Dad huffed and asked me to get in and get her. I had on my suit so I got in and was amazed how nice it was swimming open water. I was always in a chlorinated pool. It was great swimming in a lake. Then I didn’t want to come back to the boat either. Swimming around in that nice lake on a early warm summer afternoon was a very joyful thing for me. I lost that joy for a very long time.

I was reminded of it last year when there was another family fishing trip and my 26 year old brother and my 16 year old sister got into an argument and she was winning so he pushed her overboard and she just shook her head and “I’m swimming back to shore now for lunch.” I decided that seemed more fun then catching no fish in Lake Chelan. So I jumped in and swam too. Fresh open water, sun and open space… I think that was happiness.

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happy, why do you use such an alien word…

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I’m trying to figure out the flavor of that word. There are many different twist to that word.

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me too, i think this artist is trying too define happiness

it does have an upbeat tempo too it, so thats cool

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today i was euphoric for some reason. it may have been the interaction of the drugs i took last night and the depot but i had a sense of energy and contentment that i haven’t felt…actually i don’t know if i’ve ever felt it. today was weird. it felt like i was on speed or something. maybe it was the 10mg rise in the depot or the seroquel i took last night. i don’t know but it felt good that’s for sure. the voices didn’t bother me today no matter how much they tried and believe me they tried. every minute of every hour but i didn’t let it get to me at all. wouldn’t mind if every day was like that!

I am never happy as I hear voices around the clock. I experience limited enjoyment here and there.

Ha perhaps sz people are the aliens. We’re more in touch with our spiritual sides. We have different perception. And being happy is odd to us.

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well yes, there is nothing too be happy about…
see my thread here
link i am the thread

yet i observed some people as being happy.

I don’t like negativity. It wears out your mojo fast. There could be plenty to be happy about. Just got to find it.

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my last psychosis. right before that i was feeling happy. I wasn’t hallucinating and had just changed meds. and then of course it happened and i was in hell for almost a year.

I’m afraid to be too happy like i’m not meant to be happy. :frowning:

I’m not usually too happy. I suffered with major depression before I got diagnosed with schizophrenia. I’ve had a lot of pain in my life. I become somewhat happy when I do well in school. It makes me feel as though I’ve accomplished something.

Don’t be afraid free your spirit. But just know your own mortality.

I think the Lamictal is kicking in - I have not been as Hypomanic lately but feeling :smile:

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That is really good news. I’m glad your feeling better.

Thanks J you are too kind

I don’t know, I can feel accomplished. I can feel at ease, proud even laugh and smile at times; but I cannot honestly tell you I’ve been extremely happy…not in a long time. I was diagnosed when I was 16, then I went into a low time with it until I was in my 20’s and I had to quit the job I was working because I couldn’t concentrate and I was having severe panic attacks at the time. I really haven’t been like i was before that started up again.

I have been more happier recently,but i need to learn to be happy,and happy takes effort and work,I feel it doesn’t come naturally for me

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I think I am rather content rather than being happy. Still there is a hint of sadness on my heart and everyday activities. I wish I could become happier soon. I am now trying to find a job as a teacher. Maybe when I can hold down a job I would be very happy.


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You will never be truly happy taking medications, you need to keep relapsing on and on until one day you crack it and get it right. Better than complaining of how you medications are causing problems and how you can’t satisfy yourself sexually, get diabetes or tar dive dyskinesea. Fearing your illness is a sign of weakness. And listening and believing everything psychiatrists say is just stupid.